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One of the benefits of the mini split is the air flow which makes the house feel very comfortable. In late 2018, we installed a mini-split heat pump for the purpose of reducing our electricity bill. Hello Martin, I have the Mitsubishi H2i heat pumps as my primary heat source at my south east MA home. Distribution costs keep rising and since we are seniors on fixed incomes, it is hard to budget for these increases. It must get cold on the east coast, even in summer! Honestly, good insulation is also often a great alternative. You can read more about him. Since mini-splits have little to no ducting, they forego those energy losses typically associated with central forced-air systems. For example, three indoor evaporators on a 43,000 BTU system could include 9,000, 10,000 and 24,000 BTUs respectively. The higher the BTU number, the more expensive the system will be. Note that not all mini-split installations will result in significant savings. Such a difference can create a $200+ difference in a yearly electricity bill. Three small 9,000 btu units in 3 big bedrooms plus one huge 36,000 btu one in a 900 sf great room with vaulted ceiling. It has many benefits over other low-cost options, such as a window AC or wall unit. They are also used in new construction, multi-family dwellings or rooms that can be difficult to cool. ← Financial Freedom Update (Q4) – 2019 Year End Update ($55,200 in Dividend Income)! Zero issues, zero mould and I just vacuumed the filters yesterday for the first time in 6 months but they barely needed it. Great news for older homes and homes without existing ductwork: Ductless mini-split systems are a particularly good choice for you! Best Discount Broker Canada 2021 Comparison, Questrade vs Qtrade ($2,000 Promo Code Included). Please check your email for further instructions. In the summer, the AC will extract heat (and moisture) from the inside of your home and expel outside (while also blowing cold air inside). $1,100 to $1,700 for a dual-zone system. Thanks Brad. Improved insulation has contributed to this. For many people, at least half of the utility bill goes to controlling the temperature of the air inside their home. The total average cost per month should be calculated for each separate unit depending on average hours used and then added together. I live in Alberta and do not know what these “mini-split” pumps are. The Air Conditioning Showdown: Central Air vs. Ductless Mini-Split. Perhaps the author meant 6kw of baseboard heaters? Unlike the unassuming vents that come with central air and heating systems, the indoor mini split units can be unappealing to some. Incoming air is purified in several steps. Earning the ENERGY STAR label also means the AC unit meets the energy efficiency guidelines as set out by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and the U.S. Department of Energy. This really is great evidence to see that it does provide significant cost savings so thanks. Prior we used a gas fireplace and baseboard heating. You want the air blowing out to replace as many electric baseboard heaters as possible. Two failures so far, both circuit boards, about $600 in labour to repair, and had to wait a couple of weeks for the part to arrive from Toronto. While summer in NL is not exactly heat-wave caliber, the humidity can get stuffy at times in which an air conditioner would provide some comfort. That page goes over everything you need to know to make the right purchase for your needs. Then again, it takes wattage to keep all those twinkly Christmas lights shining. However, if you are planning on installing 2-3 units, you may want to look into the cost of installing a full-fledged heat pump in your home. These are high efficiency heat pumps compared with most mini-splits. Capital One Aspire Cash World and Aspire Platinum Review, The Ultimate Guide to Safe Withdrawal Rates in Canada (For Any Retirement Age). More cost effective than electric resistance and propane. To figure out how much each indoor ductless air conditioner evaporator will cost you to operate, you’ll need two things: Once you have those things in hand, you can use online calculators to figure out how much it will cost you per hour to run each indoor evaporator unit. The first question we need to answer is, “how much does ductless air conditioning cost to purchase?”. The savings from December to April was in the 40% range, which is offset a little AC energy usage in the summer months. Other than that they are great and will save you money. The result will be a lower electric bill. Please check your entries and try again. They have a 12 year parts guarantee. Something went wrong. If you live in Eastern Canada, especially if you live in NL with the prospects of rising electricity rates, I would highly recommend a reputable and branded mini-split heat pump. 5. We have 10 years of experience with Mitsubishi air source heat pump in Eastern Ontario. After you have the wattage number for each evaporator, you need to find out what you’re paying per kilowatt hour for electricity (you can find this number on your electric bill). For one thing, they aren’t using oil to heat their homes. The ductless systems are growing in popularity and are considered a cost-effective solution to replace electric baseboard heaters and window air conditioners. How much more will the mini split add to your electric bill? Every air conditioner has a unique energy-efficiency profile. How? EQ Bank Review – Canada’s Best Online Savings Account? If you’re thinking of adding a mini split system to your home, it’s again going to come down to wattage. If not, here’s how to convert the BTU number into watts. Heating and cooling in Columbia, Maryland, uses a lot of energy, so the air conditioning system you choose has a big impact on your utility bills and the environment. Ft. Note: This chart is based on the national average of 0.13 cents per kWh. Once your account is created, you'll be logged-in to this account. The ideal situation for a mini-split is an open concept area that is used as the main area in the house. First I got the PV and wiped out my electric bill - YAY!! How Much TFSA Contribution Room Do I Have In 2020 and What Are the TFSA Rules and Limits? Because a heat pump only uses electricity for power rather than for the generation of heat, it offers a remarkably high efficiency rate. DIY Mini-Split Systems. Our Results After the first Year! A few years back I enrolled in a Power Stream rate optimization program during the coldest winter. Governments are always saying one of their goals is to keep seniors in their homes, but as utility costs keep rising, we cannot keep paying more and more. Single Zone Mini-Split Systems. Best Canadian Dividend Growth Stocks – 2021 Updated! Are you interested in buying a ductless mini split air conditioning system for your home? Article says “For us, we replaced at between 25-30 ft worth of electric baseboard heaters (~6000kw) with a single mini-split running at less than 1.2kW.”. In terms of pay off, I’ve calculated that the unit should pay for itself between 5-6 years. 2006). Change the “Hours Used Per Day” field to 1. Mini split units with higher SEER values will be cheaper to operate. Through various financial strategies outlined on this site, he grew his net worth from $200,000 in 2006 to $1,000,000 by 2014. 3 Zone Mini-Split Systems ... A typical example would include comparing a 3 ton, 8 SEER air conditioner to a new 3 ton, 16 SEER unit. The mini-split in our house replaces all of the heaters in the main area (family room + kitchen+living room), the foyer, and the kid’s bedrooms. Depending on the system’s cooling capacity, energy efficiency, features, and brand, you can expect to pay around these amounts: >> See all of Amazon's Best Selling Ductless AC Systems <<. →. We have a 1200 sq ft house and the 2 head 27,000 BTU system is more than enough to keep the home cozy. David is an Air Quality & Comfort Technician. When you login first time using a Social Login button, we collect your account public profile information shared by Social Login provider, based on your privacy settings. For those extreme temperatures it’s worth it. I’m not sure if there is a solution to this, but I think we will have to sell our acreage and move into an old folks home. The are excellent units, very efficient and even though we have radiant in floor heating with an on demand propane water heater and high end glass lined water storage tank, the mini splits are way more efficient and I am using them more and more for heating, particularly nights and weekends when electric rates are lowest. That means the energy required to provide the comfort you deserve is more affordable than ever. While ductless mini-splits with heat pumps may prove ideal with add on features, there are a few disadvantages to such systems. It is important for contractors to have these systems in their portfolio of HVAC solutions for certain situations and learning where and when to recommend them is essential. Around here in the most easterly parts of Canada, most of the houses use electric baseboard heating as the primary source of heating. Around here in the most easterly parts of Canada, most of the houses use electric baseboard heating as the primary source of heating. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. It is important to make sure that your house is properly insulated, at least up to code (R50 attic installation in NL). Building a $1,000,000 RRSP Starting in your 30’s, 40’s, and 50’s. I hope this SEER calculator is helpful. I rarely need to use it but on extra cold/hot days it evens out the temperature throughout the house. The Pella's are actually [relative] better thermal … Oh, and you’ll also need to wrap your head around the size of the inside register. (ducts were existing A/C ducts. Insulate first, then work on efficient heat sources. As mentioned above, the savings from installing a mini-split will depend entirely on the number of baseboard heaters that you replace. Some mini split air conditioners include the wattage on their technical specifications. PS We love our acreage (which is paid for), we have a large garden, a clothesline, our own well, and it sure would be a sad day if the reason to sell it and move into subsidized housing is because we cannot pay our power bill! If rates jump to $0.17/kWh like many are expecting, then pay off is between 4-5 years. As baseboard heaters use about 225W/ft of energy, the mini-split replaced more than 6,000W worth of baseboard heaters. Now that you’re aware of the major mini split cost factors, be sure to check out our best ductless mini split buyer’s guide. It’s essentially a heat pump that has an outside unit and an inside register (like the picture above) that’s usually on an exterior wall. Your local area electricity charges may differ. Not a dusty house with no forced air furnace. But also note that we often close off the living room, and certainly close off as many rooms as possible on the main floor during the night to maximize the heat flowing upstairs. This costs way more for the gov’t than subsidizing our electric bill! Before we get to the exact numbers, realize that there are several variables that go into the ductless air conditioner cost of installation: With all of that being said, what is the average cost to install mini split system? With a mini-split heat pump, you can reduce your heating and cooling bills by as much as 30%! Mini-Split Heat Pumps and Electricity Bills Heat pumps run on electricity, while traditional heaters run on gas. $1,500 to $2,700 for a tri-zone system. Our electrical bill spiked from $240 to near $500 month. From Sept 2017 to Jan 2018, the electricity usage was around 10541.35kWh with electric heat being about 70% of the culprit. As Mr. Electricity states, a window unit uses anywhere from 500 to 1440 watts to run, while a 2.5 ton central unit (about the size for a typical 1,500- … installed 16 mini split units in large home–was told to expect huge decrease in elec/utility bills has only increased over the past 2 and half years from appx 800 to over $1,000 a month contractor put 9k btu units in each 250 sq ft room now have mold issues that will require exhaust fan to run 24/7 and further increase elec cost If you want to add air conditioning to your home without