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In June and July these majestic marine mammals migrate north for breeding before returning south with their calves from September to November. It also includes the smallest of the cetaceans, the porpoise, and one of the largest, the sperm whale, as well as the largest type of dolphin, the orca which is also known as the killer whale. Even though I live part of the time on the oceanfront where whales regularly pass, here you were seeing them at close hand which was amazing. Whaling of blue whales Stay tuned for 2021 season details. Not crowded. Minke whales have the same diet as blue whales, feeding mainly on krill or small schooling fish. Good views up top. Rubbish and plastic waste that ends up in the water can impact negatively on dolphins, which become entangled or swallow the rubbish mistaking it as food. Service: The boat was clean and the crew told us what to expect on a wet Sunday AM cruise. This is an open water cruise and you will experience sea motion. Went with a competitor of Captain Cook right on the pier where the Captain Cook trip was supposed to depart and got in the whale watching. Despite being widely hunted during the 19th and early 20th centuries, sperm whale populations remain quite healthy, especially in the southern oceans. Whales blow air, water vapour and mucus as they surface to take a breath. Evidence of this can be found at Balls Head in Wollstonecraft, where ancient Aboriginal engravings (believed to be over 1000 years old) depict the image of a large whale. Pectoral fins are the equivalent of human hands. Occasionally a mother and calf make Sydney Harbour their home for a short while and thousands of locals come out to wish them well. This Week's Predicted Comfort Levels & Weather, Accessibility for people with a Disability Policy, 10:00am Whale Watching tour plus 2-Day Hop On Hop Off Pass commencing on day of your Whale Watching tour. If your cruise is cancelled by us passengers may (1) rebook another afternoon Captain Cook Whale Watching Cruise in the same season or (2) seek a refund from the original place of purchase or (3) a credit can be made with Captain Cook Cruises towards another cruise within 12 months of original date of travel. Food is caught in the bristles of the baleen, while water is forced out of the mouth through the gaps. Typical whale behaviour includes: Breaching, Spy Hop, Pectoral Fin Extension, Tail Slapping, Peduncle Slap, Tail Cocking, Tail Slash and Tail Swish, Pectoral Stroking and Pec Slapping all of which are explained on our About Whales - Whale Watching Guide. Each whale species has its own distinctive blow. Both these activities are also associated with aggression. Have great follow up on current COVID standards/obligations. Face masks are strongly recommended for passengers. Please note children under 18 years must be accompanied by an adult on all licensed cruises. It is used in a variation of the tail slap where the tail is slapped in a sideways movement like a massive karate-chop. They sometimes swim beside ships at speeds of up to 34 km/h. day out on the water. Dolphins are the most abundant and varied of all cetaceans, and can be found in the open ocean, close to the coast in estuaries and in rivers. Many species do this, but some, such as humpbacks, seem to breach more frequently. Southern right whales are similar to humpbacks in that they feed in Antarctica in the summer and then migrate north to Australia to breed and give birth (especially in southern corners of Australia, around the Great Australian Bight). Complex throat muscles help these animals suck their prey in, since they lack teeth for feeding. If purchased through an agent, please refer to the agent’s terms &conditions. Mating usually takes place every two to three years for the cow as her gestation period lasts for between 10 and 14 months. Sydney’s best sightseeing cruise draws from over 50 years of experience and is the culmination of it’s predecessors, the Coffee Cruise and Harbour Story Cruises. But no one really knows exactly why – yet. This can occur between the ages of 6 and 13 years, varying dramatically depending on the species. Yes, all vessels are fitted with toilets. Are seats assigned? The degree of intelligence of whales and porpoises is still to be determined however, their sophisticated behaviour and ability to learn suggest they have a capacity for complex thinking. Humpback whales are renowned for their spectacular behaviour. The staff in the office were so incredibly helpful, while the staff on board were fantastic, friendly, knowledgeable.Product: Definitely worth the price. Orcas are apex predators; they are at the top of the food chain with virtually no predators of their own. Sharks: NSW waters are home to a variety of shark species. Bottlenose dolphins are a relatively common site along the entire NSW coastline. Great value from only AU$39pp. Baleen consists of a series of sloping plates made from keratin, the same material that makes up our fingernails. Breeding will often take place seasonally in migrating species but in others it seems to occur throughout the year. There are strict guidelines on how close vessels of all kinds, from kayaks to cruise boats, can approach whales. They are carnivorous and opportunistic hunters who feed on a wide range of species including: Orcas hunt in groups (pods) of 3 to 40 individuals using highly effective, cooperative hunting techniques, which is why they have the nickname ‘wolves of the sea’. Karen, NSW. In addition to Humpbacks and Southern Right Whales, other species you may see include: Whales are highly social and intelligent mammals that have graced our oceans for our fifty million years. Jump on the Hop On Hop Off Harbour Explorer for a single loop of Sydney Harbour on a rocket sightseeing tour. Toothed whales Reconfirmation & Cancellation Captain Cook Cruises is Sydney’s best whale watching cruise operator with a 95% success rate when it comes to whale sightings on Sydney harbour during whale watching season. Requested refund from Everything Travel Group and they got right on doing it. Sexually mature whales migrate to warmer waters during winter to mate. A recent example of this is the Australian snubfin dolphin (Orcaella heinsohn), which was classified as a new species endemic to the Australian region in 2005. Head Lunge If you find a beached dolphin, keep it wet and cool, and call the ORRCA 24 hour rescue line: 02 9415 3333. As this is an open water cruise, names of all passengers and their individual contact details are required for each passenger. However this places them at risk of health effects from the marine pollutants and contaminants they absorb from the food they eat. Whale life cycle   They usually travel alone or in small groups of 2 to 4 whales. Bryde's whales are dark grey in colour on the dorsal side with a yellowish white ventral side. Sperm whales Blue whales have greyish blue skin with white spots and a small dorsal fin set far back on their body. The newborn calf is usually one-quarter to a third the length of the mother. However, these cold waters are not a suitable environment in which to give birth – newborn calves are born without a protective blubber layer under their skin and would quickly freeze to death. The adage ‘people make a place’ is also more relevant in Sydney than anywhere else in the country. Sydney’s best sightseeing cruise draws from over 50 years of experience and is the culmination of it’s predecessors, the Coffee Cruise and Harbour Story Cruises. At least 45 species of whales, dolphins and porpoises can be found in Australian waters. They have a “cosmopolitan” distribution, which means they are found in all oceans and most seas. Morning Whale Watching Cruise operates Sat & Sun; Afternoon Cruise operates daily; See Humpbacks & the occasional Southern Right whale during migration; Open water cruise through the entrance of Sydney Harbour aboard an ocean catamaran with open-air & all-weather lounge viewing; Whale sighting guaranteed or cruise again for FREE* (see more info for details) On whale watching cruises, you’re very likely to spot other species that share the ocean with whales, ranging from seals and sea lions, to small fish and crustaceans. Captain Cook Cruises is Sydney’s best whale watching cruise operator with a 95% success rate when it comes to whale sightings on Sydney harbour during whale watching season. Whaling of minke whales Bryde's whales are found in the Atlantic, Pacific, and Indian Oceans and off the coast of Ethiopia in warm temperate and sub-tropical waters. cephalopods, such as octopus, squid, and cuttlefish. They release rings of bubbles at depth to capture schools of small fish and then surface mouth-open in the centre of the ring. Visits since 2002 As a guideline, the approach distance can range from 100m to 300m. Whale watching cruises will operate from Saturday 16 May through to Sunday 01 November, 2015. Blue whales use thin, overlapping baleen plates to strain food, usually krill, from the water. They used the fat to varnish their spears, boomerangs and tools. These whales have all been subject to considerable human exploitation. And expect to see much more than just whales, with dolphins being famously spotted during the tours, as well as many seals and birds too. Crew were fantasticProduct: Fantastic! Size wise, beaked whales range from 4 to 13 metres in length and can weigh from 1 to 15 tonnes. Tail Cocking Adult males can grow up to between 15 to 18 metres long and weigh 35 tonnes while females can grow to 11 metres long and weigh up to 14 tonnes. Rock engravings and contemporary stories, some estimated as being over 1000 years old, show the strong relationship between local Aboriginal people, whales and The Dreaming. Peduncle Slap great job!Product: The weather was perfect and we saw whales. Lobtailing or tail slapping and fin slapping Rock engravings and contemporary stories show the strong relationship between local Aboriginal people, whales and The Dreaming. There are about 20 different species of beaked whales in the world’s oceans. As with all baleen whales, females are larger than males. Book now and save over 30% on a great range of Sydney Harbour Dining and Sightseeing Cruises. They are specific to different populations and can be heard hundreds of kilometres away. The first whale spotted on our cruise was off Maroubra, with long up times and tail … In the adult stage, whales of both genders start searching for mates with whom to breed. Choose from High Tea, Lunch, Dinner or a Cruise Cash voucher from $50, Humpback Whale sightings have continued to increase over the last decade. Because of the formidable power of the tail, this behaviour should be interpreted as aggressive and the creature should be given plenty of room. Please refer to our Predicted Comfort Levels & Weather web page for a 7-day forecast. Their bodies have a wrinkled and shrivelled appearance especially behind the head. They adopt a single blowhole on the top of the head, which was formed from one of the nostrils becoming dominant over the other, rather than from them fusing together. Pygmy sperm whales are found singly or in groups of 2 to 3 individuals. Similarly, species with large flippers may also slap them against the water. Orcas are highly social animals that live in small nuclear or extended family groups. Stranded whales were considered an important economic resource amongst the Aboriginal people. By the early 19th century whaling stations were being developed along the coastline and whaling became one of Australia’s first export industries. Despite decades of protection, blue whale populations have yet to recover from the impacts of commercial whaling. Baby whales are called calves. Migrations The weather was great and the whales certainly seemed to be enjoying it! The teeth that some species of beaked whales do have are usually only used for fighting with other males. Infants under 4 years are free of charge but not recommended on open water cruises. Blow Most humpback whales make exceptionally long journeys every year between their feeding and breeding sites. Adult male orcas can grow to over 9 metres long and weigh over 7.5 tonnes, while females can grow to 8 metres or longer and weigh up to 4 tonnes. Baleen whales are named after their feeding apparatus: baleens. So, there is really no need to fight and rush to get those upper seats when actually you will get the better view and close up look of whales from the lower deck. Southern Right Whales do not migrate, instead moving along the coast finding. Sail out of the blue seas and go whale watching on this incredible cruise by Captain Cook! staff very friendly, informative & all covid 19 measures were in place. There are over 40 species of dolphins worldwide. Some whales, like Humpbacks can theoretically produce one calf each year, with a gestation period of 11-12 months, but this rarely ever happens as it would strain the mother too much to calve every year. The arrival of industrial whaling using faster boats and harpoon guns allowed for increased hunting on blue whales, and by the 1960s the species was nearly extinct. They get their name because they were the “right” whale to catch: they were slow-swimming, floated when dead, and provided large amounts of valuable products - particularly oil for illumination and lubrication. Please ring (02) 8062 3623 from 7.15am on the day of your cruise for the latest information. Have great follow up on current COVID standards/obligations.Product: Great boat trip, excellent guid with good explanation and funny too. Oct 7, 2015 - Want to know what Captain Cook Cruises Whale Watching is like - read on We carry some of the most experienced commentators on Sydney Harbour. Rorquals – Norwegian for “furrowed whale” – have a number of longitudinal folds of skin running from below the mouth back to the navel. Enjoy contemporary a la carte dining with sensational Sydney Harbour views from AU$79pp, presence of teeth or baleen and number of teeth, Length Adults: 14m to 18m; Calves: 4m to 5m at birth, Weight Adults: up to 50 tonnes; Calves: 2 tonnes at birth, a long arching mouth that begins above the eye, small rough patches of skin (or callosities) on its large head, Length Adults: 14m to 18m; Calves: 5m to 6m at birth, Physical maturity Age: unknown; Length: 16m, Blow pattern V-shaped bushy blow, up to 5m, pinnipeds, such as seals, sea lions and walruses, pelagic fish, such as pilchard, mackerel, herring, and anchovies, pelagic crustaceans, such as shrimp, crabs, and lobsters. Orcas or killer whales (Orcinus orca) are toothed whales and the largest species of dolphins. They feed almost exclusively on: Bryde's whales are quite opportunistic and will consume whatever shoaling prey is available. All children must be escorted by adults. They can move at speeds of up to 48 km/h and dive as deep as 500 metres, lasting 10 to 20 minutes underwater. Our whale guarantee offer applies when a whale is not sighted during the cruise and in this case, guests can cruise again for free subject to availability. The increase in whales entering Sydney Harbour is partly due to improvements in the water quality. For a flexible harbour sightseeing option, select a 1 or 2-day ferry pass allowing you to hop on and off at famous harbourside attractions including Circular Quay, Manly, Watsons Bay, Shark Island and Taronga Zoo. Most whales migrate to eat and breed. Often referred to as the gentle giants of the sea, they capture our fascination like few other animals. Smoking is not permitted onboard. When a whale breaks the surface and falls forward instead of backward the action is called a head lunge. There are many theories as to why whales do this: to communicate, to attract other whales or to warn off other males. The whales were spotted near Bradleys Head, from where they made their way to Rose Bay before exiting the harbour a short while later. It took another 90 years before they were announced officially protected. Our unique Harbour Experience cruise helps to bring to life the unique stories of Sydney through smart mobile commentary of the people, places and the events that have made Sydney harbour the most beautiful and exciting natural harbour in the world. That means the population is estimated to be above the threshold considered to be threatened. Migratory patterns vary from species to species and also vary within and between populations. Service: Easy to book, friendly staff and the cruise was organised well. Caterina, NSW, SIGHTSEEING - Undoubtedly the best harbour tour we have been on. Orcas have 10 to 12 pairs of interlocking, powerful, conical teeth in both jaws. The number, shape and position of the callosities are unique to each individual whale, and allow us to tell them apart. In this case your Whale Guarantee entitles you to another free cruise during the same season on a standby basis. Male juvenile whales will form bachelor pods and leave their original pod. Check-in & Boarding Service: Good serviceProduct: Nice scenery really good experience, Service: ProfessionalProduct: Great trip, have recommended and will do another whale watching trip myself. Once extended, the fins can be waved about. There are two different types of whales: toothed whales (Odontoceti) and baleen whales (Mysticeti). Humpback whales have a small dorsal fin located nearly two-thirds of the way down their back, and their backs steeply arch as they dive – this is how the humpback got its name and it helps whale watchers distinguish them from other species. Ongoing research may identify new species based on genetic information. Download a copy of the Whale Watching Guide, Video - Sydney Whale Watching with Commentator Vanessa, The whale species you are most likely to see along the coastline of New South Whales are the. This species is distinguished from others by: The Southern Right whales has very dark grey or black skin, with occasional white patches on the belly. What to bring The Southern Right whale is a baleen whale and one of 3 species classified as right whales. Calm seas … The International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) has classified minke whales in their Red List Category and Criteria as 'Least Concern'. Although the diet of beaked whales varies between and within species, squid are a key component of their overall diet. Sperm whales have a unique appearance with a massive blunt, squared off head that can be up to 7 metres long (or one-third the total body length) and a relatively small underslung jaw. All services on board, bar with drinks and snacks, toilets, seats on 3 levels, both inside as outside.Seen a lot of whales! Covid safety easy booking great value.Product: Great value The experience was live giving. the weather did ruin the day with rain at 45 degrees in exposed areas for viewing and windows blurred by the rain but it was the experience and did see only a few tails and missed the breach while trying to get a better look. The starboard side is usually closest to the shore and the port side closest to the harbour action. The gestation period in most whale species is 11 to 16 months. Local Aboriginal people played a key role in whaling from stations around Eden, including Boyds Tower and Davidson Whaling Station, which are now managed by the NSW National Parks and Wildlife Service as historic sites. Whaling started in Australia in the late 18th century soon after the first settlers arrived. Captain Cook Cruises: Whale Watching - See 2,347 traveler reviews, 1,385 candid photos, and great deals for Sydney, Australia, at Tripadvisor. Don’t be fooled, Sydney is a big place to explore over just one weekend and while its world class natural harbour is part of the enduring charm, it is also one of the reasons that makes sightseeing in by normal public transport so challenging. We were able to see many whales during our experience.One thing which could be improved was better communication about where to meet for the cruise as there are two check-in offices. These hang from the roof of the mouth and are used to filter plankton, krill and schooling fish. It is not known how many of these whales inhabit Australian waters, but extraordinarily, a Bryde’s whale swam up the Manning River near Taree, in Northern NSW in 2004. To the delight of passengers, whales and dolphins often approach the vessel. To help protect dolphins it is important to keep the environment clean. Service: Thank you for the tour! In July 2002, a whale and its calf swam deep into the harbour, going underneath the Sydney Harbour Bridge, where an exclusion zone was set up by the NSW National Parks and Wildlife Service. They were magnificent, graceful, breathtakingly awesome and there were lots of them. Special payment and cancellation conditions apply to all special offers and special events. These whales can weigh 12 to 20 tonnes. This species’ dark grey back and light grey belly colouring acts as camouflage and helps protect them from attacks by their natural enemies – killer whales and sharks. These submarine songs, composed by several elements, can last for hours. Marvel at the gentle giants of the sea as you cruise on spacious, contemporary vessels on the Whale Highway - just outside of Sydney. Is commentary included? Its two separate blow holes produce a distinguishing V-shaped blow. - Klook Malaysia Tail Extension Females, calves, and juveniles remain in the warmer tropical and sub-tropical waters. Please ring +61-2-8062 3623 from 7.15am on the day of your cruise for the latest information. day out on the water. We did the afternoon cruise and was lucky enough to have still waters and plenty of whales around! During summer months, populations in the southern hemisphere spend their time in Antarctica feeding. We recommend you eat lightly before and during the cruise. Car Parking Specials   Remember to check your date for NSW road closures, SUNSET DINNER - We had a wonderful time and will definitely recommend. Whales can travel immense distances to meet their food, mating and calving needs. Their streamlined bodies are insulated from the cold by thick layers of blubber. This fingerprint, or fluke identification, helps researchers identify individuals as they migrate along the coast. Whale Guarantee Whales in Australian waters Some of the marine mammals you should look out for when whale watching include: Seals: Fascinating social animals that can be found up and down the NSW coast. Pectoral Stroking This movement is a sure sign that the creature could become aggressive. Glide through an open water cruise through the entrance of Sydney Harbour with commentary from an expert crew. Spoil someone special with a unique gift. Cruises are subject to cancellation due to weather and other operational requirements. The callosities on the head are made of hard material, similar to human finger-nails, which appear white due to large colonies of whale lice called cyamids. The peduncle is the muscular part of the body nearest to the tail flukes. Whales in Aboriginal Australia These elegant cetaceans often travel alone, but sometimes can be found in small pods of 2 to 3 individuals. Two further movements of the tail involve slashing from side to side in the water and swishing on the surface. In populations of right whales, migration is mainly undertaken by pregnant females searching for warm waters to give birth. Minkes are known for their curiosity. Pec Slapping Hurry book now for travel until the end of October 2016. They can often be seen in bays and estuaries opening to the sea, and also “surfing” in waves as they are forming and breaking. They also used whale bones to manufacture utensils, weapons and for other uses such as shelter. Southern Rights’ have an enormous head which makes up one quarter of their total body length. We recommend you eat lightly before and during the cruise. The popular cruise line will be offering tours from July 3 and pre-season tickets are available for as low as $55 - a 40 per cent saving. All services on board, bar with drinks and snacks, toilets, seats on 3 levels, both inside as outside.Seen a lot of whales! To make better a sunny day and would have loved to buy a cuppa tea and biscuit. Pygmy sperm whales are also one of the most commonly stranded species in NSW. And though not as common in NSW waters, the southern right whale is very comfortable in the shallow warm waters of Sydney’s bays and estuaries. An estimated 12,000 southern right whales are spread throughout the southern hemisphere, compared to an original population before whaling of more than 100,000. Breaching WHALE watching is back in Sydney and Captain Cook Cruises is making a splash, offering huge savings. Captains' comments were interesting and informative. How close can we get to whales? Whales like to lift their huge tails high above the water and slap them down on the surface making a tremendous splash. Adolescent whales Whale watching with Captain Cook Cruises also offers full commentary as well as our unique whale watching guarantee, which means if you don’t see a whale, you cruise again with us for FREE! Pre-purchase your entry to any of Sydney's attractions and beat the queue when you arrive. Service: It was a wonderful occasion for both my grandson, whose surname is actually WHALE, and myself. Service: The customer service at Captain Cook Cruises is second to none. Blue whales are the largest and heaviest animal ever known to have lived on earth, even larger than any dinosaur. Whale’s migrate past Sydney’s iconic heads on their way up to warmer tropical waters in Queensland. On whale watching cruises, you’re very likely to spot other species that share the ocean with whales, ranging from seals and sea lions, to small fish and crustaceans. They often take advantage of the activities of other predators by swimming through and engulfing the fish they have herded. Like other rorquals, Bryde’s whales are long and slender and have much more streamlined bodies than other large whales. These days, southern right whales delight whale watchers with their peculiar looks and crowd attracting antics, like breaching and headstands. Humans should keep well clear. It was fantastic to get back on the water after a late start to the season to see the majestic whales on their annual migration. protected shelters for their young. Cruise out in to the open sea and catch the majestic mammals of the ocean in action on a whale watching cruise from Sydney Harbour. We spent so much time mesmerised by these gentle giants of the ocean - such a privilege.

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