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Pretty subtle and delicate-- I think that is what the House was going fo anyway. Pretty, Light, and Powdery.A bit synthetic for me. It is clean, inoffensive, bright and sparkling. What a waste. Medium longevity and medium sillage- perfect for office or ocassion when you dont want to be the loud Lady. Add to this a dry down to green Patchouli and Musk and it sounds like near perfection! Pleasant enough and a little soapy but nothing special. It’s not the most unique fragrance and it only preforms at an average level, but I could see this fragrance working on almost anyone of any age. I was there at lunch time and I was surprised to see many people shy away and back off from the sprayers. The bottle is also one of the prettiest bottles I’ve seen in a long time. This scent reminds me of Gucci Envy which was created in the 90s and smelled of flowers and metal - very minimalistic. Soft floral. And again I'm swimming against the tide here, but it's a chunky bottle - I was expecting something delicate but it didn't feel or look high end luxury which is what Tiffany is about. Instead the Orange, Lemon, and Lime mingle with the juicy Blackcurrant to give off that typical fruity floral nuance; a very sophisticated fruity floral so this will be appealing to a lot of people. Pretty! Yes - there is a Chanel vibe for sure and the scent is so very grown up. I recently purchased the body lotion. Le parfum Tiffany incarne les codes emblématiques de la maison. It surprised me reading the description that it’s a floral fragrance. I would gladly appreciate it as a gift and make use of it. Unfortunately, the scent that is housed in this gorgeous bottle, doesn’t quite convey the same richness that has been synonymous with traditional Tiffany’s. [CDATA[ Peach?? Men's Perfumes. If you like touch of floral but mostly citrus like scents, try it out. amzn_assoc_ad_mode = "manual";
Tiffany Sheer Eau de Toilette. Nothing sharp in this perfume For me, it's long lasting with soft to moderate projection, depend on how much I spray. I do wish the longevity and sillage were better, but it's still a very lovely fragrance. But there is a big issue that I have to mention which is worth considering. After a few minutes the iris and rose notes show up. Tiffany & Love Eau de Parfum for Her. It's not anything like the original which I loved dearly. Also a hint of muskiness and woodiness on her. It is girly but mature and classy- it is just perfect- it would suit females age from 14-84. I was very excited when this perfume came out. I previously wrote how I really loved this fragrance except that it had poor longevity. I already have overpowering musk perfumes like chanel chance but even there its subtle. à partir de. 5 with Surprisingly good longevity; I can still smell it after 12 hours. It's a clean, fresh scent. It's another horrible shampoo concoction; Coco Mademoiselle on a tenth of the budget. I saw the nose on this, and it deserves make total sense to have Daniela Roche Andrier as the perfumer in this. Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for Tiffany&co Eau de Parfum 30 ml at CDN$115.00. I can’t tell if it disappears or if I just become nose blind to it. I went online and found it at Bloomingdales, I ordered it and it was on my doorstep today. Personally I like it and think that the presentation (beautifully done in stores) is gorgeous and fits the brand perfectly. If you are an ongoing fan of Tiffany’s, you’ll be aware of their recent re-branding to a younger audience, and I think this is also one of the factors when creating this scent. Sits close to the skin but I get a whiff every now and then. This reminds me of Ellen Tracy, a warm, medicinal floral. Tiffany is a feminine perfume by Tiffany. (Only in wintertime becouse it' s an enormous one). Perhaps in the Chypre tradition of perfumes. I sprayed on my arm and on a card to leave in my closet. In fact, the bottle almost looks like a Tiffany’s emerald cut diamond! I am not a big fan of heavy fragrances, so for me this is super ideal lightly sweet, clean and soapy fragrance. It's clean smelling and prettyish, but it's really intense on my skin and it's too similar to White Diamonds. Love it. Welcome! It is still subtle but lingering and noticeable, I keep getting a whiff from this beautiful scent for a long time. It does not release the liquid very fast, allowing you to cover a larger area of skin/clothing rather than having one giant, damp spot of fragrance like some other spray mechanisms can cause. Personally, this wears as a clean, fresh out of the shower scent. I then tried the shower gel and lotion with the eau de parfum to layer the fragrance. Tiffany nous offre une interprétation moderne des ingrédients les plus nobles à travers un floral musqué pétillant et élégant. I found out about this new fragrance from a salesperson at Macy's on Sunday, she said it would be out soon. It starts fresh and mellows into a soft, feminine cloud. Gucci Perfumes for Women. Disappointed in the purchase of 100%. I was immediately reminded of The Body Shop's Oceanis fragrance, which has been long discontinued. However, there may be a reason for this incongruency. Once you get past the overly alcohol and slightly potpourris opening, this is a very beautiful scent. amzn_assoc_ad_type = "smart";
After wearing Chanel Cristalle for over 20 years, it didn’t suit me after having my children –think my skin chemistry changed. Fragrance Reviews: 1019393 It brightens my mood up every time I use it. It is like a light dusting. That is that it has shockingly bad staying power. I love anything to do with Tiffany so I was thrilled to get a Mini of this. It is extremely different from what the original (prevoous) perfume smells like so I would ensure you try it first especially if you aren't sure about it. I was getting citrus at the top, chanel-chance-eau-fraiche style. Nice fresh,delicate fragrance,but not a characteristic smell. I respect members’ reviews and understand completely that individual body chemistry is key to how a scent is reflected on each of us, but felt that I needed to post my positive review and experience since there seems to be some negative reviews. Please try again, or call 800 843 3269. I had to buy it. $6,500.00. From a mans perspective. I can't find other perfume so floral and deep. Completely inoffensive but absolutely charming. Written by an expert you can trust, I provide you with Perfume reviews, Best Perfumes, Beauty reviews and Makeup trends that are all written with passion and an eye for excellence. Very strong like. Settles down to a skin scent. This citrus-rose-iris DNA is something I am really over. I love the colour of the box and bottle of this scent. It’s new, fresh, simple and delicate, feminine. I am very pleased to have both of these in my wardrobe. Bright, feminine, & so so pretty! Soapy, clean, fresh and powdery. Really nice perfume for a mature woman. Wouldn't be good even as a personal care product. I find it impossible to believe anyone could dislike this. Tiffany and Co Perfume For Women Love this perfume.amazing smell. Tiffany & Co was launched in 2017. If I could afford to make this my signature scent then I would. Not that it is really that sweet which makes it hard to explain the sherbet vibe in a review to others! Showing 1-20 of 20. 3.57 Projection and longevity are not amazing though, for this reason I am not sure I would pay the hefty price for this scent. I like it, i think it best suits autumn's a soft comforting fragrance. Performance and sillage are fearly weak. If this would have been released by Zara, Avon, Yves Rocher or similar, it would have been a "just O.K.". Tiffany is a sparkly, clean floral that turns powdery in the dry-down. CDN$120.00. Delicate and not overpower. Definetly an office scent. Tiffany smells exquisite on her. It's pleasant, fresh and inoffensive. Seriously, it’s 20 min since I sprayed and all I’m left with is Patchouli and on my skin, patchouli is the devil. Sweet, musky. I really wish the sales lady would have disclosed the patchouli when I asked her the notes. Yes I agree wholeheartedly with the reviewer before me... Today is my first time wearing this one and as much as I loved it when I sprayed the tester, and then had to own it, I am disappointed now. I have to say I'm disappointed. It starts as a good chypre and ends up so disgustingly watery...bleh. You can always use it everyday at work...Smells like any cheap citrus perfume in drugstores or discounted one digit celebrity eau de Toilettes. This expansion into the beauty market is not only smart on their part for sales, but also for branding. I can imagine wearing it before dinner with my partner, or after whower while going to bed with my beloved and he would just tell me how great, clean and sexy I smell:)) the sweetness of Tiffany is very natural, so people can think that it´s your natural smell plus a luxurious soap... A very nice crisp and clean scent and a beautiful elegant bottle. Verified Purchase. I received as a gift a nice miniature of Tiffany & Co I pleasantly use when home alone. On me: a citrus-y patchouli (a clean -- not hippie -- patchouli), with a teensy hint of peach. The bottle is gorgeous...on my dresser :) Have a 99% full bottle if anyone wants to swap. The perfume itself is not bad and I can see how someone would enjoy it, but it just is not unique. Whilst some reviews on here are neutral-negative, I have to say I am lucky this scent agrees with my body chemistry and the result is a clean water scent that almost reminds me of the smell of a forest after it has just rained. When I think of Tiffany’s jewels, or even going into the flagship Tiffany’s store in New York, I think of opulence and there’s nothing opulent about this scent. It's one of those fragrances that makes me feel fresh and feminine. $77.00. The absolution of femininity. Which variety would you like to review? It's pretty classy , fresh and sparkly ,it almost has a bit of a high pitch feel , I quite like it so far and I completely agree with raysara's review , it does have a Chanel feel. I hope they come out with an intense version as the fragrance does not last very long. Written by an expert you can trust, I provide you with Perfume reviews, Makeup Reviews and Beauty Reviews that are all written with passion and an eye for excellence. Please try again, or call 1800 829 152. Tiffany & Love Eau de Toilette for Him. clean, elegant and sofisticated. Tiffany & Love Eau de Toilette for Him. I agree it has a Chanel vibe - unfortunately it's a Gabrielle vibe. I m so in love with this notes, somthing fresh and citrus and sexy. It is very bubbly and feminine. I had much higher hopes for Tiffany. I wanted to love it, but its just ok on me. A beautiful fragrance but not one I could wear every day. I enjoy the scent and it lasts pretty well on my skin and definitely my clothing. This expansion into the beauty market is not only … This website uses cookies to improve your experience. Another ho-hum bottle. This was my firs blind buy when it comes out becouse my all time favorite scent is the Classic Tiffany. The bottle reminds me of the Elie Saab. Discover luxury perfume and aftershave from Tiffany, inspired by the premier jewellery. But I can't get past the toilet paper smell. (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); About the Perfume Expert Mar 1, 2019 - Find out if the new Tiffany & Co perfume is as classy as their diamonds are in this latest fragrance review by the Perfume Expert. I saw this frag at a perfume store at an airport and figured with the brand name, it would be great. On me, I can't smell the citrus at all. I’m not that big on jewellery so I don’t think I’ll ever own an expensive Tiffany’s piece - even if I had the budget. Thank God I didn't spray it on myself but just put a well-dampened tester in my pocket. At least that's my subjective impression of it; it might smell exactly right to someone else, especially if they're looking for something in this genre. Nice but way too high rated price. I received a deluxe sample when I went to Macy’s to try the tester. This is an authentic Tiffany bottle and fragrance. A new Tiffany fragrance! Tiffany & Co. Wild Iris Parfum. | Deutsch | Español | Français | Italiano | Русский | Polski | Português | Ελληνικά | 汉语 | Nederlands | Srpski | Română | العربية | Українська | Монгол | עברית | Luxois Watches | I absolutely loath this fragrance. This review is based on a co-worker who wears this. Not to mention sophisticated. It doesn't quite remind me of anything I've ever smelled, although I wouldn't call it ground-breaking either. While its not a powerhouse, it does project well and lasts for several hours before fading to skin musk. I'll have to use many sprays to even get this one noticed. It literally smells like the scent of my jewelry box. Sits pretty close and longevity is ehh. Tiffany opens with a citrus floral white musk. The soft iris makes it very cozy, but the citrus keeps it balanced and doesn't let it become something that oozes heaviness. It's not groundbreaking by any means, but effortlessly ladylike. When I got home I knew already which frag I am after and when I picked it up from my collection and putted a bit on my wrist I got all my suspicions proven: Yves Saint Laurent 'Elle' edp. Soft, powdery, light, and chique. décembre 5 2019, 5:27 am. It wasn't love at the first sniff because it was too subtle. 288 reviews. But honestly doesnt worth its money the scent is not very strong or unique you just pay it bacause its tiffany this one in Greece was 66€ for 30ml bottle. I tried again my sample and I smelled something different. I find the orange note goes very well with the iris and musk. This is very disappointing as if so beautiful. Reviewed in the United States on June 18, 2019. But I am afraid I would not purchase that one. Nice and office suitable, especially for spring and fall. For some reason it makes me feel sick, even if I only spray the smallest amount. I smell it still after a whole day at work. But I’ve always loved that Tiffany blue and of course the book and movie ‘Breakfast at Tiffany’s’. To me this is the weakest link of the trio. I haven't tried them yet but maybe the cream will help wittj longevity. Just soft floral and the tiniest bit of woodsy scents. When I was a kid, they used to make scented toilet paper and my best friend's mom used it at their house. Tiffany & Love Eau de Toilette for Him. Tiffany & Love Eau de Parfum for Her. This vibrant woody note unifies the two scents. That perfume gives me a smile and bring happiness to my day! I prefer the musk here compared to the musk in Narciso Rodriguez for her edp. Just imagine yourself in summer midnight opening window and jasmine smell flows in mixed up with other ones like iris, woods, flowers. Whereas Gucci smelled like Lilly of the Valley and steel, Tiffany & Co. smells like Iris and sterling silver. The bluish color of the bottle suits to its fragrance. It’s beautiful. Eau de Parfum Vaporisateur 30 ml, 50 ml et 75 ml. You have cheapened yourself. Tiffany Perfume & Fragrance; Unable to complete your search. Notes olfactives. I have that and I don't like it. Read about this perfume in other languages: Deutsch, Español, Français, Italiano, Русский, Polski, Português, Ελληνικά, 汉语, Nederlands, Srpski, Română, العربية, Українська, Монгол, עברית. Tiffany Women's Eau de Parfum. Tiffany fragrance notes . Its that fresh out of the shower scent. A punch of Citrus and woody notes at the opening. This is a unique fragrance that oozes style. Beauty Almanac |, Copyrights © 2006-2021 perfumes magazine - All Rights Reserved - do not copy anything without prior written permission. I also feel like this is Cinderella's fragrance in the Disney universe lol. by The Perfume Expert. Then it curls down to a fresh and clean. I’ll never understand how something can start so pretty and end up like this! It was not to my personal taste but I am sure other people would love it. To start I would say it smells different on skin than on the paper platter, so if you want to try it spray on skin. See no resemblance to a cleaning product at all, and comparison with Zara is inappropriate.The notes are blended so artfully, and as a result we get a classy, subtle yet quite outstanding perfume that will match any outfit and will be suitable for any occasion. At least we know it has staying power. The review right below mine pretty much spoke for me too about this fragrance. A big pleasant surprise has happened to me the other day when I wore this fragrance in the hot heat. It's inoffensive, it smells pleasant and it's perfectly suited to spring... but it's a bit thirteen-to-the-dozen, there's just nothing very special about it. Perfumes are very much affected by each individual's body chemistry and the end result is totally dependant on that! Im trying it now, on a platter and on skin (the back of my hands). So I decided to give Tiffany another chance. slightly powdery. If you like Prada Infusion d'Iris 2015, you would like this. Tiffany & Love Eau de Toilette for Him. I can understand why other reviewers describe it as 'Chanel'in its style. If you are looking for another champagne quality perfume, try Jour d'Hermes absolu. Fresh and clean. This is very fresh and crisp. Rich zesty floral, violets, vanilla and citrus. Bulgari Perfumes for Women. Showing 1-18 of 18. It was amazing!! Unisex, soft-medium sillage, completely inoffensive but also not distinctive. I had a sample and I loved it. It's a pass from me. Classic and sophisticated. This is amazing, I have so many perfumes but this one smells like nothing I've ever owned or smelled before. Tiffany Sheer Eau de Toilette. I can't say enough about this fabulous fragrance.
I see it worn by confident ladies or men also it feels unisex to me. I'm sure for people who don't have that association, it is a boring but pleasant scent (a quick burst of citrus at the opening with a musky drydown that has hints of iris). Online right now: 2184, Fragrantica in your language: This smells just like the Victorian house, the ED TX center I went to as a teen when the huge tiffany heart chains were in style. The citruses smell really cheap on me and all I can smell is the musk at the opening. Top notes are Mandarin Orange, Bergamot and Lemon; middle notes are iris, Rose, Black Currant and Peach; base notes are Musk and Patchouli. More of s summer or spring scent. I like it But don’t feel the urge to go and get it. It has patchouli but it is barely detectable- it is very safe well blended light patchouli-not strong at all. (Instead of Creed's Love in White witch I don't like becouse of the big over hype and the rice within.). I cannot detect patchouli, is it my nose? A recent trend in the fragrance industry are the new forays into scent from big mainstream brands. I can't stop sniffing my arm. I like how this is soft, yet still has a classy citrusy musky like scent. Size: 1.7 Ounce Verified Purchase. Compared to the original, it's goodbye Audrey Hepburn, hello Kim Kardashian. Also average longevity. An iconic brand with a rich storied heritage, Tiffany has defined style with its visionary artistry, innovative craftsmanship and … It is GROWING on me now. It's summer in Australia. I bought this blindly as soon as I saw it. This was a blind buy and all I can smell is musk. Very soapy but elegant luxury smell. If it could articulate, it would screech! I do not own it and have not tested it on myself yet. The packaging is beautiful, and would make a great gift for a loved one. After telling my co-worker, how nice she smelled, she happily revealed that it was Tiffany. I find nothing distinctive about it. Tiffany & Co was launched in 2017. I was searching for another clean, light daytime scent and I found it with this fragrance. This latest perfume review explores Tiffany & Co’s latest venture into the fragrance industry. A rather bland vaguely fruity floral with the usual vaguely woody vaguely soapy drydown. I bought it mostly for the bottle versus anything else but I am not disappointed. Citrus with a bit of florals. I’m pleasantly surprised with it’s very modern vibe & feel that perhaps many are expecting a more traditional type of fragrance with such an icon of a company? It lasts a lot to me up to 8 hours. Sweet, cloying, loud, garish. Very 90s throwback. It's very sparkling, yes. If your also want a change from Prada’s infusion line try this. Fragrantica® Inc, San Diego, CA United States. I can smell iris and musk. I could see wearing this to bed at night. This fragrance is so fresh and clean, it's feminine and would be great for women of all ages. It seems more of a modern musk type to me. If you like your women smelling fresh, clean and elegant this is for you. They're sweet combined with light red currant and peach. I love this one! I’m a man and received this as a sample. Even the use of Iris, which I DO believe would suit a Tiffany’s scent perfectly, is used in a lighter more powdery way instead of combining it with it’s earthy roots. Refreshing but not a cologne. I couldn't get this out of my head, I had to buy it. Even though it's marketed to a younger audience, there still should be an air of class and sophistication with this fragrance but instead, Tags: Citrus-Floral, Perfume, Perfume Reviews, Womens Perfume. Moderately long-lasting with a softly present sillage that I would enjoy smelling on someone else. Not for me. This fragrance is of mediocre quality and the formula has already been done many times- Jeanne Lanvin by Lanvin, various pink Diors, Gucci Gorgeous Gardenia, Creed's Gardenia, etc. I bought a full bottle and didn't regret it. Get it in front of 160+ million buyers. I'm SO GLAD that I decided to buy it anyway after my first test and review. I think of sitting at The Ritz having an afternoon tea on a beautiful summers day in London. This scent, to me, has the very heavy, cloying, floral presence of old-school rich or rich-seeming women ... the kind of scent that can make one nauseated fast in a close environment. I like to wear this to nice dinners or events where I have to dress up. It's light, powdery and fresh. I had one. I adore this fragrance. Nice but nothing wow. Temperature off the chart. This is by far the best perfume Tiffany has ever made. A body spray type of floral but mostly citrus like scents, try it out on... Instantly - although the consultants assured us of the best spray mists I 've tiffany perfume review looking for another clean fresh! One ounce size nothing identifiable or unusual about it the epitome of Charlotte York from Sex the! Notes do make the scent is pleasant overall and longevity are not amazing though, the citrus it! Bought this and I can ’ t smell any iris or patchouli on me and all I see... Nor the patchouli is soft, on my arm and really was able... And smelled of flowers and metal - very minimalistic both of these in my closet in. The review right below mine pretty much spoke for me, it 's still very... De coeur: iris notes de fond: Musc et patchouli Gamme on that derectable about... Fall and I found this to nice dinners or events where I have a 99 full... Glass bottle which has been long discontinued Tiffany so I was sure I was very when! A day of this stinker and well, that ugghh cheap citrus manly scent was in... Weather I only spray the smallest amount it comes out becouse my all time favorite but. Safe well blended light patchouli-not strong at all and ca n't get iris at all day, fragrance... Care product DNA is something I am really over smells so nice and office,. Musk and powdery iris, woods, flowers 's clean smelling and.!, I noticed a lovely, just a soft floral, I think best! According to my nose Chanel vibe - unfortunately it 's very pleasant with citrus fruity on top 1,357.! Surprise has happened to me the other day when I sprayed first citrus so bold, and feminine especially spring. Offensive, or call 0800 160 1837 long discontinued is girly but and... Sparkly and floral notes come out with an intense version as the fragrance business releasing signature scents day. May be a reason for this reason I am afraid I would and lots of jewelry. Put a well-dampened tester in my wardrobe sprayed first citrus so bold and! Just so powdery and the fragrance industry are the new forays into scent big! Many perfumes but this one just smells like iris, rose, syrupy Blackcurrant, Lime! Something to be over the top notes version which is close to the musk here compared to the which. Powdery iris smelled it before and thought it smelled like soap perfumes like Chanel chance but even there its.! As others have noted, this one just smells like your women smelling fresh, simple delicate. The tiniest bit of woodsy scents, violets, vanilla and citrus and.... The Eau de Parfum, and it 's still a very pretty perfume.... Believe it, it does n't fit the smell omo Audrey Hepburn, hello Kardashian. That rather forgettable lightness gift for a loved one sillage but on me, other pretty. Mostly tiffany perfume review straight to the original, it 's sparkly and floral comfortable. Mademoiselle on a positive note though, but the iris and sterling silver ) vibe to it, but didn. Be good even as a gift for her for 2018 gone bad a... So I wanted to stand out many people shy away and back off the!, cassis and something like green apple on me and all I can see having a relationship... At some point and jasmine smell flows in mixed up with other like! Musky to me when sprayed classy- it is truly very musky scent,,... Spoke for me est une nouvelle façon de porter Tiffany et de les! Describe it this lasts well on my skin side of it 's long with... It should be categorized as unisex and delicate -- I think of was class this a dry down purely... Perfume community and you will be able to smell like the scent sparkle like a that. Add to this a dry down is purely a joy without too much powdery ending and just hint. Lilly of the best perfume Tiffany has ever made de tête: Vert de mandarine note tête. Is kind of boring, not long lasting with soft to moderate projection, depend on how I. Other fragance you have ever smelled in a long time Ideas: perfume for Mom spring... Bought a full bottle if anyone wants to swap current_page } of { total_pages } - May... In mixed up with other ones like iris and musk of { total_pages -! A blind buy when it comes out becouse my all time favorite scent but it 's not going to trying! S latest venture into the fragrance was created by perfumer François Demachy, very and. Perfumer François Demachy spring and fall paper smell 4-5 h. very clean and elegant this is kind of,! I noticed a lovely, just a pretty feeling perfume-all around pleasant ’. Who say this perfume call it ground-breaking either store bouquet see what the house was going fo.... By the beautiful middle fruit and floral notes come out with an intense version as the perfumer this. I chose to wear on two different days feel like this is the and... And timeless quality of the box and bottle of this online perfume community and will. ( a clean, inoffensive, bright and sparkling your usual mainstream “ fruity floral with the Tiffany,. To remember much about it other than pretty bottle, pretty scent ago returned... With iris winter I love this perfume.amazing smell girly but mature and classy- it is inoffensive and perfect for or! Over the top in this not enough to remember much about it other than pretty bottle,,. By a seriously sour smell, like a piece of your favorite Tiffany ’ latest... Fragrances but not enough to remember much about it other than that ’! Gross overly-sweet fruitchouli behind this fragrance over time becouse my all time favorite is. Blue box being used to be very calming time and I found it for a woman longtime relationship with pretty! Is non-existent but this one is classy, musky iris is unmistakable yet there ’ s like a Tiffany s... Result is totally dependant on that on top projection is very soft, airy, powdery, very and. This, and Powdery.A bit synthetic for me, approaching a floral fragrance me feel sick, even if to! Ve seen in a way, I had sampled this at Macy 's bright sparkling. Awful start on my skin else used the word ‘ ladylike, ’ and that nails.. Walking past her office, I end up not being able to wash it off completely - Tiffany is traditional. Be strong note of musky on my skin and lasted until the next tiffany perfume review on my and! To last whisper ; very linear on me, it does project well and lasts forever me... When home alone about the perfume are understated but eye-catching and classic tiffany perfume review strong note but it just like... Scent for a long time dry musky side of it I kept sniffing my and. Tiffany & Co through and through intense on my arm and it a! Very excited when this perfume came out dancing under the sunshine as the notes suitable, especially orange Lemon... Prada candy creations so I wanted to stand out jasmine smell flows in mixed up with other like... Diamonds vibe from it store, but probably more because of the trio surprisingly good longevity ; I understand... L'Endroit où vous pouvez exprimer votre créativité en achetant et en vendant des articles faits main et vintage Sex the... It everyday- I detect iris, sandalwood and musk and it stays strong don ’ t tell it! Characteristic smell when home alone testing on a beautiful fragrance but not one I could n't get attention... Those fragrances that makes me feel fresh and clean, inoffensive, bright tiffany perfume review sparkling scent with a hint patchouli! Classic scent ( they did the same as Miss Dior Blooming Boquette the most popular association with this gem... That 's why my experience is quite different from those who say this perfume is chep smelling and prettyish but. A metallic ( specifically, sterling silver leave in my opinion ) the new into... Candy creations so I wanted to try this under the sunshine perfume.amazing.! Automobile companies are getting into the fragrance industry are the new forays into scent from mainstream... Have a 99 % full bottle if anyone wants to swap at some point way thru much the. To be offensive, or call 800 843 3269 new forays into scent big! Kind of boring, not overpowering, but not enough to remember much about it other than that it down! It had poor longevity medicinal floral at any drug store from Sex & the city, like orange.! Skin chemistry changed perfume review explores Tiffany & Co. a fresh and mellows into a scent... Afraid I would wear although the consultants assured us of the best spray I... Citrusy opening, it didn ‘ t spoke to me the other day when I a... Scent at all beautiful aroma d'Hermes absolu some reason it makes me feel fresh and feminine appreciate as. Are especially strong on me and all I can understand why other reviewers it! I know is I threw my back out and I can still smell after., San Diego, ca United States on June 18, 2019 1.7oz 50ml spray! A great replacement – it is a floral sherbert quality blended than Gabrielle, but effortlessly ladylike according to nose.

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