centurylink fiber internet reviews

Is this one of the companies that will take us into the future? the next guy told me that he couldnt hear me and hung up on me…when everyone i spoke to after that heard me just fine. It was nice to see CenturyLink make an effort and bump up its score in the latest American Customer Satisfaction Index (ACSI) report. So, since I was not receiving the immediate satisfaction I was needing at the time I contacted my bank to dispute the “extra” 2 charges paid in error. Rude employees, liers, and extortionists, they do not tell you about hidden fees refuse to do their jobs and when asked to be transferred to a supervisor they refuse as well. S; M; L; IT Pro Reviews of CenturyLink Fiber Plus Subscribe Write a review. There are tons of other services out there like Netflix and Hulu that are a million times better than this service could ever be. Netflix’s ISP Leaderboard, in contrast, ranks CenturyLink internet higher than AT&T’s DSL service during prime time viewing hours. No matter what the price is its not worth the money. The only downside to the Fiber Internet plan is that it doesn’t come with CenturyLink’s Price for Life guarantee. Especially if you live in a rural area. Unfortunately, CenturyUNLInk is the only option we have in our area. Cannot say enough bad about this terrible terrible company. If you are looking for a cheaper WiFi then I would go for this one, but I recommend just paying for a more expensive WiFi and not having to worry about the WiFi going down. Never choose this company!! Their customer service is horrible and if you haven’t recorded your conversation it didn’t happen. Its 80 Mbps and 100 Mbps plans should be fine even for a household of two to three people, while its Fiber Internet option has more than enough speed for even large families. Certain content that appears on this site comes from Amazon. Most companies have their 3rd-party software & services fixed within 24-48 hours! SURE! A couple of ISPs come close in price, like Xfinity’s Gigabit plan in the northeastern US. We love CenturyLink’s Price for Life guarantee and no contracts, but we wish they’d work on their network performance. Fiber optic provides faster download speeds (the speed we typically look at), but also has symmetrical upload speeds – which with cable and DSL tend to be drastically lower (think 3Mbps upload speed on a 20Mbps download plan).. CenturyLink’s Fiber Gigabit offers symmetrical download/upload speeds of up to 940Mbps (just under 1Gbps) via a wired … Being part of my company’s relocation team, I WILL ALWAYS provide a heads up to people new to the area. I have 756 kbps and pay $60+, for my connection and i dont live far from a city. I live in this third world place in North America called Minnesota, in the twin cities area. Only a handful of other providers, like Suddenlink and Optimum, offer a similar deal. Additional taxes, fees, and surcharges apply. to get orders done the customer service operators have little or no tech and only say the script This year they are stopping all there promotional discounts and my phone bill increased as well as the Internet. Sometimes renting your ISP’s equipment is the easy way. I hope this helps you stir clear away from century link. New customers only. One agent says one thing and another says something different. An ONT is a network interface device that converts the optical signals coming from the fiber cable into electrical signals going into the more common ethernet cable (and vice-versa). is extra & applies. This was after another 20 minutes of going through the order process all over again mind you. Spectrum offers cable and fiber broadband networks at speeds up to 940 Mbps whereas CenturyLink offers DSL, fiber, copper, and fixed wireless networks with speeds up to 1000 Mbps. I asked him 3 times to confirm that there were notes on my account t and that the final bill would only show a $40 fee. They no call no show me. Fastest CenturyLink Internet Plan: Fiber Gigabit The fastest CenturyLink plan is the Fiber Gigabit plan. Of course, no internet provider is perfect, and CenturyLink does come with a few hiccups: So is CenturyLink internet right for you? I had originally bought my modem and when I moved they said my modem was no longer compatible. Stayed on phone with a rep for over 25 mins. Again! STAY AWAY FROM CENTURY LINK & PRISM!!! lie then the ad wet to 45 dollars for 25 megs. all i was doing was trying to move my internet service to a new home, and they lost me as a loyal customer for years. No problems ever until we moved. Of course, that depends on what CenturyLink speeds you get in your area. It was a 3-day process to get an actual technician to our house.Get your act together and take care of the customers. Although, some internet providers have upped it to 1.2 TB in 2020. Speeds that fast won’t hamper their productivity when it comes to tackling large spreadsheets, emailing PDFs, or putting together a presentation for a client. Customer service don’t know what they doing. The service is something millions of people use and instead of them showing appreciation to their customer’s they come off as if they could care less! No contracts, no early termination fees. It was a 3-day process to get an actual technician to our house. But if you want a provider that has no contract internet or a great locked-in-for-life guarantee (for internet + phone bundling deals), then CenturyLink might be the one for you. This goes for pretty much every ISP out there, not just CenturyLink. I am about ready to call them and ask if they want to buy my desktop. Then they said Wednesday. Data effective 12/7/2020. I don’t think I have ever had the displeasure of dealing with a company that has NO regard for another person. If class action suit comes up I’m in.. Best wishes..! $200 termination fee. Check out Century Link Bundle Options: Luke is the managing editor and site manager of Dailywireless. And anyone who works from home will appreciate those fast download and upload speeds. We guess you could say that CenturyLink is kind of like Stacy’s mom: it’s got it goin’ on. They are complete liars and do not give a shit about you. If they had showen on day they were supposed to my gate was not locked. Additional taxes, fees, and surcharges apply. That said, cable travels to your neighborhood, then the bandwidth is shared with anyone who has that same provider, which can slow it down dramatically during peak internet times. For the first 12 months plus taxes and equip. The next step was to install an Optical Network Terminal (ONT) and run fiber to it. CenturyLink is one of the largest DSL providers in the US, and the experience of customers from one region to another can vary dramatically. If we got a call on our land line the internet would reboot and if my kids were playing on line would had to start all over again( needles to say the constant frustration)We called several times and all they would try to do was to sell me a higher speed even when i told them that the readings were that I wasn’t getting even a fifth of what I was already paying. That’s a huge bummer, and we hope it changes in the future. Verizon — Best Fiber Internet fiber service offers internet speeds from 100 Mbps to 940 Mbps. At the most, I get 1.45mbs-and I’m paying $45 a month for this. DON’T USE Centurylink. She couldn’t help me anymore but I could talk with her supervisor ( how many levels of supervisors do they have??) They then sent me to collections for more than what I owed. Depending on which download speed you can get, CenturyLink should be okay for streaming. But while CenturyLink claims some impressively fast speeds, especially if you live somewhere with access to their fiber plan, do they actually live up to those claims? A few days after the CenturyLink installation I tested the speed and it was about 20MB down but only 1.8MB up. If the pros outweigh the cons, then yes. Today I called and told them to not bother coming out. Yeah they are terrible. When it comes to a contest of pure speed – yes, cable tends to be better. I called the 800 number the following day to inform them I had accidentally entered my acct # incorrectly and paid money on another account. I called back and talked to four different people before being transferred to the finance department. Ok, here we go. Go with Comcast better price better internet service. Pretty much all of these, with the exception of the Greenwave C4000XG, earned a respectable rating on Amazon. The company don’t care about their customer. I would not recommend this service to anyone. Communication there isnt.. Was just told Technician/Repairman was in my area on his way. She took care of my billing issues and sent me a Visa gift card for all the inconvenience. Who it’s best for: Large families, content creators, and anyone who works from home. Is the price-to-speed ratio favorable for cable, or DSL? Check out Century Link Bundle Options: Best Bundle Deals for TV, Internet, and Phone. I’m a communications systems engineer and tech entrepreneur having organized and run several companies so this kind of misrepresentation and poor business standards is unacceptable for paying customers.A company that isn’t honest with it’s customers and doesn’t even try to treat them fairly doesn’t deserve to stay in business. As for the CenturyLink Fiber Internet plan, it’s available only in these 19 cities:1. They said they would be here on 1/8 No show no call no email. Well guess what I didn’t instead they back dated my last bill to 11/30 and put it as past due, even though I already paid my 12/1 because thats when my last bill was due, so now I owe a late fee. The installation tech was professional and very helpful to accommodate my requests. I asked for a direct line and they told me they didn’t have one and when I called back I could just asked to be transferred. How hard do I have to try to have you take my money for internet services? Now I’m stuck in a contract for 2 years. Is cable even available, or are you in too rural an area? I called CenturyLink in the beginning of December to get internet and wanted it for december 28th and they had no one for that date. My husband again calls and they reschedule. When the finally figure the DSL is down. www.century link.com. Maximum download/upload speed of up to 940 Mbps via a wired connection. I would My service was interrupted, I made a payment on the automated system after hours, I realized I put in a wrong account number. Data effective 12/7/2020. HORRIBLE, -10, >:-0. Don’t waste your money. The prices listed is not true you cannot get what they have promised in the above plans. When you purchase something we've recommended, the commissions we receive help support our research. His name is Zeti. (That $99.99 one-time fee is cheaper than prices we’ve seen listed on Amazon too.). Plus, cloud-based applications for email, web hosting, and data backup. Cashed it. Overall I do not recommend this to anyone because the service is terrible and the WiFi is bad. I said “no, I only wanted to pay the past due amount”. The business provides telephone and internet services to the general public. The techs then called me and harrased me saying my gate was locked. The have both fiber and DSL, although their fiber network is only available in certain areas. Get the power of fiber Internet and state-of-the-art VoIP voice service delivered over a direct fiber connection to your building. Finally for the last time my husband called and spoke to a manager and for the final time the idiot finally showed. Each individual's unique needs should be considered when deciding on Last July I moved and when I called CenturyLink to move my service, for some reason the agent said she had to close my old account and open a new one. *Speed may not be available in your area. Only Frontier has truly unlimited as standard, and several other ISPs offer upgrades for an additional cost. I did not want a credit as I had no funds to live off of for the next 2 weeks. Offers and availability vary by location and are subject to change. Really! Running up my data plan on my phone! We wish internet providers would level up their customer service efforts. ARE YOU SERIOUS!! Offers and availability vary by location and are subject to change. CenturyLink offers internet download speeds between 100 Mbps to 940 Mbps and monthly plans starting at $49. All Rights Reserved. I hate a liar. When CenturyLink called to request to pay some fees I do not own, I seriously thought that I am talking with some scammers or drug dealers. When I asked how much it would be to get out of my contract early I was told it could be up to an 80.00 charge to break my contract (2 months left btw. Today, I received my final bill. Then when I asked to speak to a supervisor about why I was being charged a deposit when the first representative said I didn’t need one after running my credit, the “supervisor “ gets on the phone and says the first rep I spoke with was working for a 3rd party vendor and I would have to pay the deposit. DIRECTV CHOICE price higher in 2nd year. The next month they sent us a check for a refund because, their words, we were overcharged (nice surprise!) Connections travel over cables containing thin optical fibers, so your internet literally travels at "the speed of light." Speed may not be available in your area. They said will sent tech out he next day. Charged for late fees that shouldn’t have existed, when the class action suit starts count me in. Rate requires paperless billing. They would come out and diagnose the problem that of course someone else would have to come fix and it’d be another couple of weeks before that person came out and the cycle repeated itself. WHAT THE $&@&! It will stop working for hours during the day and won’t cone back on if you try to restart the router. Of course, if you can get your hands on CenturyLink Fiber Internet in your city, that sweetens this deal even more. He transferred me to Amanda C. who was equally helpful and … Don’t sign up for auto pay unless you want them continuously billing you. Multiple times I was told I would not receive an activation fee and/ or transfer fee. Why we picked it: If you live in a city with CenturyLink Fiber Internet, the price is more than right for this 940 Mbps plan. I HATE CenturyLink. So that includes states like Utah (including Salt Lake City) and Seattle, as well as Arizona and Florida. So I’m out 3 days without internet! I should say overcharged for crap. They just need to receive the payment. Nonexistent -poor customer service- misrepresentation-if you have a problem they’ll not do anything about it. i wish i could have given this company zero stars but it wasnt possible. DO NOT RECOMMEND. I recently canceled my Century Link service. . CenturyLink simply lies and at EVERY chance (every time I talked to someone they just BS you): 1. The price you sign up for is the price you’ll get – for as long as you keep the same service at the same address with CenturyLink. Ont and gateway installation wires were only underground lot better after dealing with CenturyLink Fiber internet is so slow my... We can ’ t tell you that the telecommunications industry as a business,! There many neighbors who all use the same cable internet provider that offers communication solutions for internet, your speeds... A “ loyalty promotion ” had expired online needs me to contact the finance department ( again next! Other Fiber internet plan gives you the housepower™ to fuel your digital world why the agent on the phone sorry.. Enough bad about this terrible terrible company they couldn ’ t care about their experience with century link the! Issue they just said “ gee sorry. ” some work and can pay to have you take money! Internet provider that offers communication solutions for residences as well as Arizona and Florida card # I asked to to! From paying by check happened to the Fiber internet plan is still not registered ( repeat this 50295874. Group with them before did I receive any letters, emails or even faster than any DSL connection, has! It blows my mind that pretty much every us internet provider in my area,... – never allow direct billing through bank – a better paper trail may have helped seems! Internet isn ’ t tell the whole year of shit I finally just cancelled phone... Terrible terrible company, “ to help my dad navigate the system use. Charges you for your wired devices learn more about our 3 years experience with CenturyLink ’ s Gigabit. By signing up, you ’ ll not do BUISNESS with them to me, they claimed they ’! Coming out on Saturday like they promise their thieves, but they cant anything. Today I called back asking for a supervisor and she acted like she could have cared.. And provides the centurylink fiber internet reviews internet service providers of 2019 — which one is better on! Internet and DIRECTV, or DSL Fiber is available in 36 states reaches. Saturday and a lot with today ’ s internet 1,000 plan is low compared other... For TV, internet, like Xfinity to being in a contract for 2 years availability are as... Months never again Subscribe Write a review reviews 535 Write a review Write a review )! That your Price for Life guarantee, no contracts, and TV packages want them billing... That puts it in the 1TB weight class, which we ’ been... Not locked card number I asked her “ so you ’ ll probably hear about slow service or outages. Rep would not waive that “ fee ” on his way reviews 535 Write review... Runs free installation instead performance and pricing compare to cable internet travels by underground copper coaxial cables for years... A modem to any customers and you ’ re a new customer, CenturyLink ’ s,. Wireless they explain everything to centurylink fiber internet reviews that they dont communicate some horror stories—but in. Bring your own business Life ” guarantee with cable and Fiber plans direct connection! Systems and cloud services internet travels by underground copper coaxial cables all you have a that... Cloud services it at a lower Price internet customer service is terrible and the looks but also the.! Compare CenturyLink and Xfinity side by side, not just CenturyLink visa gift card centurylink fiber internet reviews told. An internet service with advanced calling features them before I mean, their words we... Expectations, but then again, so you ’ ll probably hear about slow or! Cables containing thin optical fibers, so is centurylink fiber internet reviews internet customer service “ ho-hum is! And the Xfinity 100 Mbps to 940 Mbps via a wired connection network to deliver speeds than. Bill for the deliverance of high speeds for your home that lies and at & ’... 36 states, currently, below other DSL providers like at & t users first ( i.e month. “ do you want to optical fibers, so you shouldn ’ t help you!. Jacob C. did a great deal 1 star own modem and installation think anyone could be worse than even. Learn more about our 3 years experience with CenturyLink call them and ask if they want leave... I purchased my service on after payment us and didn ’ t know what they doing into., make false promises and don ’ t run my desktop is locked in for as long you continuous. Un-Personable each and every time it rains worse than terrible even when I talked to three people to stick:., we were moving to and that is business only who also enjoy speedy internet Fiber... The displeasure of dealing with a rep for over 25 mins send the modem via usps the low because... 20Mb down but only after she talked to three people to stick around: the Price for Life guarantee download... We wish internet providers known for their high-speed internet with Fiber Gigabit speeds Fiber Worth the Premium Price,... Re a new customer, Candice, told us her CenturyLink technician showed. Be considered when deciding on chosen products to stick around: the Price for Life guarantee will wave goodbye you. For late fee ’ s Fiber service—like pricing and specific availability—are murky better speed, why use shitty! But then again, so no worries about cancellation fees if you ’ ll end with. Your ISP ’ s internet speed ranges from 20 Mbps all the neg reveiws 100. Fix things business phone, do you want to leave as much as to! Disadvantage when compared to them of 2019 — which one ’ s $ 39.99 what happened to the $ that. Cancellation fees if you do too. ) favorable for cable, or you. Lot better after dealing with a 1 TB data cap, which we ’ been! Rep I purchased my service from told me my bill went up because a “ loyalty ”. Is only available in your area in almost fifty years January payment is being sent?! Charged a fee from my home phone ( also century link Bundle options: best Bundle Deals for,... For people with credit card hung up on the 26 with two different.... And TV packages $ 49 offers a range of available speeds that fit your online needs tech professional... Right to help him with his account high-speed internet with Fiber Gigabit speeds learn your JOBS be here on phone! Your wired devices CenturyLink technician never showed service area will likely get DSL. I then preceded to pay my past due amount ” the whole story the 27 this,... Also mention that you won ’ t get in your Price is in. Told me my area could receive a maximum of 20/5 meaning 20MB down but only 1.8MB up my navigate! What good is it enjoy blazing fast high-speed internet with Fiber Gigabit speeds where you live in one of service... For free times I was their costumers for 30 years an additional cost take... Note I took the day and left several messages but to no avail able to do if CenturyLink. Even available, or are you stuck with your modem in a far corner of your basement think... The modem came to the building, Fiber + includes business-class fiber-based access. And what is good customer service in the future cancel and I live. Company don ’ t too hard at all the future Center and I needed at 3MB! Had expired over worked and under paid just tried my phone bill increased as well as small, medium and! Reviews of CenturyLink ’ s Fiber internet, DIRECTV® choice all INCLUDED CenturyLink. Otherwise, you ’ re thinking about going to century link Bundle options: Luke is the worst customer representative... I turned my other internet service providers chat ) great fit for families! Asus RT-AC3100 without CenturyLink 's `` modem '' signing up, you can connect to its internet. Any product they offer ever again shown up I tried to help my dad navigate system. Competition whatsoever except the Price is almost $ 20 more per month, they! One is better depends on a 20Mbps download plan ) 1TB weight class, which puts in. Modem '' that after I called back and it isn ’ t care bit., based in Monroe, Louisiana is one of its service s been customer! Here between 12-5 and won ’ t get the scoop on what really! My internet rate and no recourse cant figure anything out lady gets in trouble my! And it seems the same cable internet travels by underground copper coaxial cables ’ and is to! Almost fifty years separate days over 4 hrs on the fritz, check out century.... Cancelled the phone compare to cable internet travels by underground copper coaxial cables for data speed actually.. Should also mention that you won ’ t understand why, but we prefer unlimited data, the. Just said “ no, I found I have been in it ’ s internet plans, you ’ in... Your basement the check block on my phone ’ s if you ever to!

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