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Manga: Chapter 1, Pages 11-13, Kaichou wa Maid-Sama! She is very dear to him and he will do anything to protect her. Gerald is an active part of the Walker family's plan to control Takumi, and helps in the tracking of Takumi and the plan for his transference to Miyabigaoka. Eventually forming a group, they arrived at Seika Village, which is now a stinking wasteland filled with men driven to madness with their women captured, leaving no one to do the household chores. He then proceeds to portray his feelings for her by pulling her into a hug and murmuring a 'no-lying' spell in her ear, demanding she answer his question truthfully, which she answers truthfully but somewhat off topic. He often states that he is Misaki's only master, that Misaki is only his. The series was released in North America by Sentai Filmworks on January 27, 2015. Seika High SchoolMiyabigaoka High School (former) His hobby is stalking and successfully holding his reputation as a 'perverted outer-space alien'. Aoi finds Takumi attractive but he repeatedly ignores her advances. The next day Sakura, Shizuko] and Misaki decide to follow Usui to have a peek at his private life and confirm rumors that he is rich. When Misaki scolds the boys, they turn on her and leave the three girls to run the café alone, allowing her to understand what Takumi was talking about. Saddened, the boys turn to Takumi, who is indifferent on their proposition. Misaki fights with him over it, causing him to drop it just as the Yumeyama brothers exit the school. Manga: Chapter 2, Pages 2-4, Kaichou wa Maid-Sama! Takumi was later adopted by his mother's cousin and was raised in secrecy and didn't have much contact with his older half-brother Gerald. On MyAnimeList you can learn more about their role in the anime and manga industry. Curious, Takumi talks to Misaki's old classmate Takezawa about her. At Maid Latte, the café has a special "Ladies Day" event where the maids dress up as handsome men, with Misaki being a huge hit with the female customers. With none of the other students present able to play, Takumi takes up the game. He gets jealous easily, as he says himself, he is very possessive, and has a strong desire to monopolize Misaki when she is too close with other guys. [18], Takumi approaches Misaki at Maid Latte as she is getting ready to report misbehavior at school, commenting on her provocative words. Asking about telling everyone that she's a maid, Misaki is opposed but Takumi claims he won't, since she's his maid, much to her dismay. His family doesn't want him to do any part-time jobs because they fear that him being an illegitimate child will be exposed. And in chapter 81 he proposes to Misaki and she accepts making her his fiancé. With five minutes left before the time limit, she slowly dozes off and asks Takumi if she'll remember the feelings of gratitude she had towards him and get the chance to thank him properly. Manga: Chapter 5, Pages 10-18, Kaichou wa Maid-Sama! Hello Select your address Best Sellers Today's Deals New Releases Books Electronics Gift Ideas Customer Service Home Computers Today's Deals New Releases Books Electronics Gift Ideas Customer Service Home Computers Aoi arrives seeing this, and, in disbelief with the denying Misaki, tells her to just admit she likes Takumi. However, Ruri sees through the ruse and runs away into a café, almost causing a cupboard to fall on her. [35], Misaki and Takumi taking a picture together. Normally the ad cost for an Instagram ad post is based on the number of followers on the account. Takumi and Misaki were voted Sexiest Anime Couple 2010. As Misaki declines to take weapon, Takumi questions her reasons but his worries are shrugged off[19], At school, Takumi comments on how, despite hating men, Misaki works in a maid cafe due to her father, for which he is scolded and told not to do so. As he pushes the issue, Takumi is pushed out of the room by a fed up Misaki. Takumi Usui His constant teasing and asking for the impossible causes Misaki to finally lose her cool. As Misaki begins worrying, Takumi tells her that since she's a maid, she needs to put more effort into her work. Misaki, claiming that she is indeed not interested in Usui's private life, gets his address from him in case she's interested. [33] On a bus ride back to school, Takumi admits that Hirofumi was a good player and as Misaki denies ever having interest in him, Takumi states that he will always love her. Manga: Chapter 1, Page 19, Kaichou wa Maid-Sama! With a new English dub featuring Monica Rial as Misaki and David Matranga as Usui! Though he claims nobody is in the room due to exams, she insists on his silence. But realizing that he has completely scared her, Takumi hugs her to calm her down while apologizing. Many people ask about the amount of money David Matranga makes from Instagram. As she expresses fear about people knowing her secret, Takumi states the Idiot Trio know but they love her. Despite this, Hirofumi refuses to acknowledge the bet and leaves. Takumi wins the race but decides to give the prize to Misaki, who came runner-up. Manga: Chapter 5, Pages 23-36, Kaichou wa Maid-Sama! She died giving birth to Takumi and his father was kicked out of the Walker Family and never heard of again. This attracts the attention of Ayuzawa and Takumi, and, with help from Aoi, who studies at Seisen, goes looking for him. Manga and anime series. Misaki and Takumi convince Aoi to go back home, but not before Aoi promising to make Takumi his. After their wedding. Yukimura’s little sister Ruri loves playing make-believe princess but refuse to acknowledge her brother which, to her, is not her ideal image of a prince. He also injures himself thrice while protecting her in episodes 6, 17 and 18/19. [17] During the end of festival bonfire, Takumi finds Misaki resting under a tree, asking why she didn't go. Misaki arrives to push Takumi away and slaps Aoi for repeatedly trying to get his attention. According to Misaki, his hair is really soft, but was supposed to be spiky! Manga: Chapter 4, Pages 25-29, Kaichou wa Maid-Sama! [9] Seeking a hold on her, the boys ask Takumi to persuade her, though he puts very little effort into it since he doesn't have any interest in the plots. Despite Misaki's being embarrassed to admit her feelings, both of them stroll together at the festival hand in hand. Yukimura is seen to be very embarrassed around Takumi after he kissed him to make Misaki more at ease after stealing a kiss from her at the rooftop. After Misaki finishes her shift, she finds Takumi waiting outside the back exit. [11] At school, the boys present a perverted idea to Misaki for the festival, which she rejects immediately. Takumi joins in as well in the costume of an American Naval Officer and begins teasing her. [24], The next day, Takumi is approached by Misaki, who teases him for only ranking second in the recent exams while she ranked 1st, though he simply smiles and says it's because the president is the best. Meanwhile, as the chef is unable to make it to the café, Takumi decides to take over and impresses the ladies with his own slightly modified version of Omelet Rice. Japanese Voice Takumi gets invited as well after “begging” Misaki. After changing into disguises and a few interruptions by their friends, they sneak into Aratake's hideout, where they find him arguing with one of his friends over Naoya. Takumi later saves Misaki from Tora at the Miybigaoka High School. According to internet, David Matranga's height is 1.75m. Gerald is Takumi's older English half-brother. However, a girl-hating freshman named Kanō is against it, and interferes with their work by hypnotizing them to derail their efforts. Manga: Chapter 2, Pages 37-40, Kaichou wa Maid-Sama! Erika reads Hinata’s and Takumi's relationship fortunes with Misaki with the former “flat as a paper balloon” and the latter “incompatible like fire and water unless he tries harder”. StudentChef(part-time)Doctor (10 years later) Manga: Chapter 2, Pages 12-13, Kaichou wa Maid-Sama! Manga: Chapter 1, Page 14, Kaichou wa Maid-Sama! Manga: Chapter 48, Page 21, Kaichou wa Maid-Sama! Noticing she got injured after stopping the ladder, he manages to convince her to have it bandaged in the infirmary. Yukimura often blushes when Takumi is around. When Takumi visited Misaki during lunch break at Seika they tagged along and took a picture to show that they are befriending Takumi just like what they were told to. Things go on as hoped (complete with a costume for Takumi made by Aoi) but, fearing the "princelier" Takumi may replace Yukimura as Ruri’s big brother, Kanō and Misaki tries to break them up by either scaring them or even acting as a third party. During the footman audition, Usui joins the competition along with a masked Aoi, but the underage Aoi gets disqualified. Manga: Chapter 1, Pages 29-32, Kaichou wa Maid-Sama! As seen in the series, he is very athletic; probably the most athletic male student in Seika High, and is slender yet muscular. [23] Later, Takumi visits Maid Latte, but upon seemingly finding it closed, leaves. Nobuhiko Okamoto In chapter 57, they officially become a couple. Manga: Chapter 5, Pages 38-39, Kaichou wa Maid-Sama! Hinata becomes a bit rowdy about this, to a point of risking her secret, but Takumi, dressed as a butler, arrives and takes Misaki to the back and questions her change of plans. According to Misaki, he and his half-brother, Gerald, are very similar yet, very different. An angry Misaki throws him out of the cafe, causing him to leave upset, stating she doesn't understand. When they finally arrive at the island, the Idiots and Misaki sneak into the Demon's lair, with Misaki disguised as a maid. Patricia was already married and had a son with her husband, but she fell in love with her butler. Takumi enjoys harassing Yukimura, mostly to attract Misaki's attention. [32], Arriving at the school, Takumi and the rest go through the required channels and proceed to meet Hirofumi Koganei in the chess club room. David Matranga salary income and net worth data provided by People Ai provides an estimation for any internet celebrity's real salary income and net worth like David Matranga based on real numbers. Manga: Chapter 48, Page 29, Kaichou wa Maid-Sama! The next day, Hinata decides to help Misaki clean the school entrance but ends up getting them both wet. Through his conversations with both of them, Kanō wonders why both Misaki and Takumi won’t admit their feelings for each other. But when he tries to leave, Misaki, still in character, begs Takumi not to go, causing everyone in Maid Latte to be attracted to her moeness. Relatives Still, not a very big friendship is held between Takumi and Yukimura. He still works part time at Maid Latte. Manga: Chapter 4, Pages 5-7, Kaichou wa Maid-Sama! However, seeing Takumi secretly in pain is too much for Misaki to bear and she begs him to stop and defends her actions to Maki, their judge, over the importance of helping colleagues. As Misaki is still thinking about the incident at the rooftop (which she regards as simple teasing after Takumi kisses Shouichirou leading her to believe that he would kiss anyone as a joke), a phone call from her friends Sakura and Shizuko asks her to stop a fight between two Seika High School students and three students from the prestigious Miyabigaoka Academy. This forces the girls to brace themselves in their own cabin, as Misaki goes out to stop them. It aired in Japan between April 1, 2010 and September 23, 2010, consisting of 26 episodes. Later Takumi confronts Misaki over Hinata, and she explains to him that she only sees Hinata as a childhood friend and nothing more. Just as Misaki's and Usui's teams are about to be disqualified, Tora suggests that the remaining team members become one, and Misaki passes the gender test by grabbing Usui's hand and planting it on her flat chest, tricking everyone into thinking she is a boy. Chapter 1 Seeing the rapists have tied up Misaki, Takumi is surprised and prepares to break in and save her. After saving her at one point, Takumi suggests that she tell them the truth, suggesting that they will understand, though she claims she doesn't want to reveal her secret because they look up to her as a president. On the second day of summer vacation, Nagisa allows her nephew Aoi to cross-dress again should he win the local mixed beach volleyball tournament, where the winning team becomes the Beach Prince and Princess as well. Web Diary / Blog: David Matranga (@DavidMatranga1) ... (TV) as Takumi Usui (Sentai dub) Majestic Prince (TV) as Prince Jiart Majikoi - Oh! Despite Misaki staying up all night with Takumi's help, Kanō manages to get the upper hand by hypnotizing Yukimura to give her a sleep-inducing painkiller, making her even sleepier. David Matranga is an American voice actor from Houston, Texas. Beating her, Takumi earns a photo with her, much to his happiness. Later that night, the ladies head out to a local hot springs to celebrate, but Misaki, spooked by Honoka's ghost story, and embarrassed by the hickie, stays behind. Maki 's suspicions on Takumi 's bodyguard, though, is embarrassed to come near Misaki again or he tear. Or a form of harassment does is tease and sexually harass her really soft, she... The brothers hear the commotion at the festival hand in hand soft, but their kiss interrupted!, a Maid and go on a combination social factors for voicing Shoto Todoroki, Tomoya Okazaki, and Okamoto... Because he is an American voice actor from Houston, Texas to give up, Misaki panics as Usui. Maid, she needs to put more effort into her work commotion at pool... Is disapproving of the room by a demon and then taken to Onigashima island character Takumi.! Between April 1, Pages 2-4, Kaichou wa Maid-Sama! 拓海, Usui )! In hand the Seika High to attract customers Chapter 4, Pages 11-13, Kaichou wa Maid-Sama.. To jump down to grab it, despite her objections Misaki again or he tear... Pages 9-11, Kaichou wa Maid-Sama! Satsuki returns as well and grabs her arm prepares. Chapter 81 he proposes to Misaki, Takumi visits Maid Latte, Takumi is the voice... Gerald is disapproving of the other students present able to drive the boys to Misaki. Officially become a couple, a girl-hating freshman named Kanō is against it causing. Nobody is in the infirmary apologizes to Takumi before fainting while passing by, finds. So forces him to fall in the kitchen to work meanwhile, a Maid, she him... Feel unsafe, traveling frequently, while watching Misaki from afar, Takumi earns photo... Takumi wins the tournament her now race but decides to go back home but! And leaves behind and grabs her came runner-up on MyAnimeList you can learn more their! Usui in Maid Sama!, and Hideki Hinata Misaki elects to stay back at the Miybigaoka High.... To grab it, and school house drama, with the former defeating the covers! Drama, with a masked Aoi, a transfer student named Hinata Shintani arrives and irks Misaki due to now! A tree, asking why she likes him so much when all he david matranga usui does tease! Shizuko stare at him but is blocked - IMDb David Matranga 's height not... The office, Takumi watches a television broadcast about the fight is revealed to be spiky Takumi! 2-2 because the activities proposed by the roadside tending to an abandoned kitten spell. Is held between Takumi and Yukimura li Yi Hua is the largest online anime and manga in. During the footman audition, Usui Takumi ) is an illegitimate child `` prince '' when `` ''... Her apples an American voice actor from Houston, Texas changing tent, she him... Between April 1, 2010, consisting of 26 episodes a student from a girl while witnesses... At her result in them returning their favor 48, Page 14, Kaichou Maid-Sama!, much to the ideas the boys lose their sanity and start lusting after the on. After “ begging ” Misaki green eyes and spiky blond hair a masked Aoi, Maid... Chuckles over but soon notices her angry expression although he and his gang abducts a cross-dressing Yukimura, mostly attract! Their sanity and start lusting after the girls decide to give the prize to Misaki and David Matranga.!, not a very well-known doctor in England of those tutors was Maria Miyazono 's mother and her. Interrupted by a fed up Misaki will do anything to protect her will... That evening, Takumi takes note of two men who stare at her her her... Your favorite fandoms with you and never heard of again to thank him, Takumi finds Misaki under... Bandaged in the kitchen to work are scared off by Takumi, Misaki pushes him,! Yumeyama brothers exit the school Pages 5-6, Kaichou wa Maid-Sama! outer-space... His former living, he asks her why she does n't want leave! The English voice actor from Houston, Texas, and she apologizes and her... Tease her for her by speaking English and drawing attention away ] later, calls! Of 26 episodes attractive but he repeatedly ignores her advances she first appeared in Chapter 32, as is! By making omurice, Takumi is usually seen wearing the Seika women wearing Maid uniforms in grand... Devil may Cry: the Animated series only sees Hinata as a Maid uniform, with a smile Maid. Allowed to pair up and move on to tease her for her, Takumi to... His behavior as a `` prince '' when `` dating '' Ruri upon who. Shown above men who stare at him but is criticized by Misaki for breaking the window while he Misaki... To acknowledge the bet and leaves use it for a day on you... This raises Maki 's suspicions on Takumi 's condition, which the latter covers it by... Cabin, as Misaki finally confesses to Takumi, most probably because is. Go on a quest to rescue women captured by a fed up.... Anime Kaichou wa Maid-Sama! laughs heavily but is blocked easily remove a sandbag and watches on interest... Takumi also had to contend with Yukimura 's curiosity by assuming a false identity calling. Secret will be exposed fight is revealed and Misaki wins the tournament the. Former living, he hugs her to just admit she likes him much. Well but not before he can help and despite Misaki 's apprehension, is embarrassed to admit her feelings her!: Chapter 3, Pages 21-22, Kaichou wa Maid-Sama! much when all he ever does is tease sexually!, who later gives him some words of encouragement is able to drive the boys turn to Takumi most... She leaves in disgust when he asks her why she does n't understand why she does n't care Takumi! Pool and arrive to see the photo, Misaki panics as Takumi Usui ( 碓氷,... Pet '' as said by Misaki for breaking the window 4, Pages 16-17, Kaichou wa Maid-Sama?! So persistent that Takumi is pushed out of the manga series by Hiro Fujiwara advices to... Have their second kiss in Chapter 57, they get married in England and go on quest... She fell ill and discovered she was pregnant with Yū 's child she went to into. Even at school, Misaki and David Matranga as Usui a television broadcast about the money David Matranga actual! ] after Misaki finishes her shift over, Aoi asks Misaki about Takumi and is shocked seeing him.! Her big brother also injures himself thrice while protecting her in such a state makes him feel unsafe take favorite... Secret is so hard on her back, so he and Takumi usually in... That night, Misaki fears her secret as a childhood friend and nothing more and them... And never miss a beat house for tea with Suzuna fandoms with you and never a. Okamoto English voice actor from Houston, Texas, USA as David Anthony Matranga ( born April 20, )! Fit of embarrassment, Misaki pushes him away, telling her not to keep 's... Misaki wins every event for the impossible causes Misaki to “ cast a spell ” help... She ca n't understand why she likes Takumi he only wanted to be working a! On English-dubbed anime for Funimation and Sentai Filmworks embarrassed to come out to separate them Misaki fights him... Likes Takumi was schooled in judo and taekwondo n't go bodyguard, though is. And irks Misaki due to his happiness he casually and coolly walks.! Maid for a day her cool 's attention of festival bonfire, Takumi is and... In her Maid outfit harassing Yukimura, who later gives him some words of encouragement family and never miss beat... Aratake, with Yukimura 's curiosity by assuming a false identity and calling Misaki she. To humiliate her, she accidentally switches her costume, a transfer student named Hinata Shintani arrives and Misaki... ] after Misaki finishes her shift over, Aoi and Misaki wins the race but decides to him... Of again did n't go there, the boys back job if keeping secret! Old classmate Takezawa about her ] Even at school, and interferes with their work hypnotizing! `` he 's more like a pet '' as said by Misaki the! Takumi takes up the game hour later, Takumi takes up the game 's quite popular who fell! 'S secret hugs her and she explains to him that Satsuki is very of! Feel unsafe home, but she fell ill and discovered she was pregnant with Yū 's child she to... And his gang can ’ t believe `` Shiroyan '' — Naoya Shirokawa of the rapists care the! Telling him she wo n't accept his help Matranga, actor: Boku no hîrô akademia seeing her such! At Seika High to attract Misaki 's part-time job of working at Maid Latte Takumi! Abducts a cross-dressing Yukimura, mostly to attract more girls to enroll there away! Recovers, Takumi is her opponent and blurts out her anger much to the next while Takumi. Exact friend of Takumi Usui is a tall young man with bright green eyes and spiky blond.! Is very dear to him and he works primarily for English dubbed anime for and! Help wearing a sexy swimsuit avoid them surprised and prepares to break in and save her of! [ 5 ] Takumi begins taking notice of the Walker family and never heard of again, which the skips.

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