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I need help, have a question, or want to schedule a tour. As a former small business owner, Senator Shaheen knows that small businesses are the engine that drives New Hampshire's economy. Advocates worry about the lack of Afghan government voices and Afghan women in the ongoing peace talks between the United States and the Taliban. Name Linked Candidates Designation Type; SHAHEEN FOR SENATE C00457325: SHAHEEN, JEANNE (DEM) Principal campaign committee of a candidate: Senate: BLUE SENATE 2014 C00567040: SHAHEEN, JEANNE (DEM), NUNN, MARY MICHELLE (DEM), TENNANT, NATALIE (DEM), LANDRIEU, MARY L (DEM), HAGAN, KAY R (DEM) Joint fundraiser: Cynthia Jeanne Shaheen is an American politician serving as the senior United States senator from New Hampshire since 2009. Pompeo, who had recently moved over from the CIA to replace the hapless Rex Tillerson in Foggy Bottom, was testifying before the Committee on Foreign Relations—and his rude treatment of Shaheen turned heads in the hearing room and well beyond it. As a member of the Senate Armed Services and Foreign Relations Committees, Jeanne Shaheen is a trusted, bipartisan voice on America’s national security. Senator. Election Committees. In fact, both parties now suffer from a severe deficit of female voices on foreign policy, with dangerous repercussions for America’s national security, experts warn, not to mention the world’s peace and stability. “Inevitably, women in national security have a few moments where they feel they’ve damaged their career by overemphasizing gender,” Loren DeJonge Schulman, a former top aide to national security adviser Susan Rice, wrote in an email. Election Committees. I’m having a problem with a government agency, need legal help, want to schedule a meeting or White House tour, or … As a member of the U.S. Senate Committee on Armed Services, Shaheen has worked for fair treatment of American veterans and an articulate military strategy that keeps the United States and its allies safe from harm. Shaheen grew up … Twenty-five months into his presidency, Donald Trump’s national security team is a distinctly all-male affair, with top jobs being filled not just with men, but with what one Trump aide once described as “alpha males”—giving America’s posture toward the world a distinctly testosterone-charged feel. “I think Jeanne’s bona fides on national security are stronger than the majority of members on that committee,” Murphy said. Campus sexual assault survivors suffer high rates of PTSD, depression, and drug or alcohol abuse which can hamper both the ability to succeed in school and future employment. In interviews with six Hill staffers and a handful of senators on the committee, several said that Shaheen, in working on the Hill, has had to confront the many faces of workplace sexism: condescension, interruption and a lack of recognition of her work and ideas. Granite Staters with questions can dial the NH Emergency Operations Center at 2-1-1. “We can either get bogged down by all of those things or we can just keep going.”, How Jeanne Shaheen Fills a Void in Trump’s Foreign Policy, California's road to recovery runs through D.C. Republicans, Why New Jersey’s ventilator guidelines may favor younger, whiter patients, Rhode Island ends specific restrictions on New Yorkers — by making them national. Jeanne Shaheen is the only woman on the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, at a time when voices like hers are more important than ever. Committees. Victims of sexual assault require specialized medical treatment and counseling services. Senator Susan Collins to introduce the Medicare Transitional Care Act, which provides follow-up care for discharged hospital patients to reduce re-hospitalizations. The New Hampshire senator, who also holds a spot on the Armed Services Committee, asked Pompeo if Trump and Russian President Vladimir Putin had discussed downgrading the U.S. presence in Syria in their recent closed-door summit in Finland. Emily Tamkin is a reporter based in Washington. At a hearing in 2017, for example, when Shaheen asked Tillerson about the consequences of changes to the State Department budget on women’s global health, he avoided the question, and instead explained how executive orders work. Trump routinely praises generals for their toughness and even their physical brawn, recently calling them “better looking than Tom Cruise—and stronger, too.”. Jeanne Shaheen U.S. Senate (D-NH) Jeanne Shaheen is the senior United States Senator from New Hampshire. (“Politics should end at the water’s edge, and that has been my experience working with Sen. Shaheen,” Johnson observed.). 9 of Shaheen’s bills and resolutions in 2019 had a cosponsor who was a chair or ranking member of a committee that the bill was referred to. In addition, we are asking the Appropriations Committees and the subcommittees of jurisdiction for the U.S. When I asked Shaheen about being overshadowed by the committee’s big male personalities, she was characteristically humble. In 2017, she introduced the Keeping Girls in Schools Act, which sought to use funding from the State Department and the U.S. Agency for International Development to implement programs ensuring girls would enroll and stay in school, and to use U.S. assistance to address the barriers that keep girls out of school. One of Shaheen’s male colleagues expressed a worry that she was too often all alone on such issues. Getting support from committee leaders on relevant committees is a crucial step in moving legislation forward. “I will humbly suggest to you that you ought to have more confidence in General [Joseph] Votel than the Russian Ministry of Defense,” he said, referring to the commander of U.S. Central Command who had been at the center of the conflicting narratives about the Putin summit. Senator, with a record of breaking partisan gridlock to … The only woman in U.S. history to be elected both a Governor and a United States Senator, Jeanne Shaheen has been committed to serving the citizens of New Hamps... hire for decades and is known for her common-sense leadership, hard work and dedication to improving the lives of the middle class. Their deputies? The Official U.S. Senate website of Senator Jeanne Shaheen of New Hampshire For resources and guidance on the coronavirus outbreak, click here. One of the only senior women to have any voice on America’s role abroad is Sen. Jeanne Shaheen, a New Hampshire Democrat and the lone woman on the Senate Foreign Relations Committee. “When women are at key international tables, from peace talks to infrastructure loans, the outcomes are more durable,” said Heather Hurlburt, a former State Department official now with New America. “I think women are often better about worrying less about who takes credit for things and more about how do we get something done,” she said. At the end of the hearing, Sen. Robert Menendez (D-N.J.) exploded at Pompeo, accusing him of “demeaning” Shaheen. She was the first woman to be elected Governor of New Hampshire, serving from 1997 to … She was previously a State Department reporter at Buzzfeed and a staff writer at Foreign Policy. A member of the Democratic Party, she is the first female U.S. senator in New Hampshire's history, the first elected female governor of New Hampshire and the first woman elected as both a governor and a U.S. senator. Look for a contact form on Sen. Jeanne Shaheen’s website to express your opinion. Shaheen’s plight is perhaps best illustrated by an episode last summer, when she clashed with Secretary of State Mike Pompeo. The Senate Foreign Relations Committee now also includes Graham and Sen. Ted Cruz, two former presidential candidates who are fixtures on cable news. She has served in the United States Senate since 2009 and is a member of the Senate Committees … As the, the Commerce, Justice, Science Appropriations Subcommittee, Sen. Shaheen, for the Department of Justice, Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), Department of Commerce, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, National Aeronautics and Space Administration. After balancing a budget as a mother, small business owner, and governor, Senator Shaheen understands that every dollar we spend must deliver results. In 2008, Shaheen was elected to the United States Senate.Since 2011, she has been the senior senator from New Hampshire.. Shaheen was born … Perhaps it’s also because her male colleagues are hogging the microphone. Amid this backdrop, Shaheen has focused on legislation that directly affects women and families around the world. S.250 — 116th Congress (2019-2020) Jury ACCESS Act Sponsor: Sen. Shaheen, Jeanne [D-NH] (Introduced 01/29/2019) Cosponsors: Committees: Senate - Judiciary Latest Action: Senate - 01/29/2019 Read twice and referred to the Committee on the Judiciary She taught high school in New Hampshire and Mississippi, was the owner/manager of a small business, and managed several […] She is the first woman in U.S. history to be elected as both a Governor and U.S. Under Trump, U.S. foreign policy has tilted away from military engagement, as questions of civil society, economic development, health, women and families become more urgent—the kinds of issues that are more likely to be championed by female leaders.

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