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Even later, the National Gallery of Art would use the estate to store its prized pieces during World War II. It’s been a neat thing, to watch Music City explode into an, “It City,” but there are still small … It can be quite an incredible experience, especially if you’re an artist yourself! You’ll get an inside look into the world of these artists, their thought processes, and how they work, live, and create. At first, this wasn’t one of Asheville’s prettier sites – a lot overgrown with weeds and covered in trash. It was built from masonry items, like tile, stone, mortar, and brick. They would, eventually, begin racial integration before much of the country. It showcases wool, original machines and equipment, suits, fabrics, and more that belonged to this prestigious company. This North Carolina museum is keeping the pinball craze alive, with a little Space Invaders on the side. See. Address (Wicked Weed): 91 Biltmore Ave, Asheville, NC 28801, United States. Good for … If you want stay in a newer property, this hotel has local connections through and through . A French Broad River Water table display lets you make rain. All couples’ escapes should include romantic activities, relaxation, and fun. Buxton Hall Barbecue opened its doors in 2015 in a building that was once a Standard Paper Sales Company structure. The company first began with the goal of teaching children weaving and woodworking before growing from an education center to a production business. Like many spots in this North Carolina city, it has existed for almost a century. Even better, mid-summer is when a lot of blooming flowers can be seen dotting the parkway, such as azaleas, rhododendrons, and laurels. Still, the ancient art form is celebrated at the Silver River Center For Chair Caning. Speaking of trails... Asheville Hiking. This art form has been used for millennia upon millennia and is considered a type of basketry. There’s fun street art all over the place, like colorful murals painted on the side of buildings & under bridges, depicting the city’s history. There is also a special area, the nature center’s biggest, called the Appalachian Predators habitat. This factory offers a unique glimpse into the process of creating such an instrument. Atlas Obscura and our trusted partners use technology such as cookies on our website to personalise ads, support social media features, and analyse our traffic. A fire then supposedly took that daughter’s life, driving Helen to hang herself at the bridge. The land of this forest was once a part of the Biltmore Estate. Created by Hedy Fisher and Randy Shull, Pink Dog Creative stands in the River Arts District in what was once a textile warehouse. Today I’m sharing my list of favorite things to do i… Book your tickets online for the top things to do in Asheville, North Carolina on Tripadvisor: See 329,061 traveller reviews and photos of Asheville tourist attractions. With over 500,000 acres of land, it’s full of sights that make it many nature-appreciating tourists’ go-to in Asheville, North Carolina. The U.S. Supreme Court's secret Cold War relocation facility in the mountains of North Carolina. Try their croquetas de pollo, patatas bravas,jamón Ibérico, or fine wine and you’ll soon know why this tapas bar is one of the city’s most loved! Each one has something unique to offer to guests, so don’t be afraid to – responsibly – try them all! It specializes in sour beers and has a gift shop where you can purchase beers by their pH level and barrel type. Are you a foodie in this North Carolina city? It is made from a collection of curiosities set up by Joshua P. Warren, a paranormal investigator whose name you may recognize from his fictional counterpart in The Conjuring series of horror movies. So work up an appetite on those trails! While these hikes don’t have the same kind of household-name recognition, they offer a chance to get off the beaten path on trails less traveled in the Blue Ridge Mountains near Asheville, N.C. And, of course, there’s no way to know if the creepy lore is true, to begin with. 11 Free Things to Do in Asheville. Address: 3 River Arts Pl, Asheville, NC 28801, United States. Trees, bent by the wind, are scattered throughout the Craggy Gardens. The tours are well-reviewed and run by Warren himself! View map. It is run and owned by Meherwan Irani, who has been nominated for the James Beard Award thrice. 1) Great Smoky Mountains National Park – This national park is the most visited park in the national park system. Of course, the current mass production of furniture and products means chair caning is being left in the past. Explore the beer scene by foot or on wheels. This drove him to want to create his own school. All sorts of side dishes from the south accompany the mouth-watering meat that gives you the lovely taste of Asheville and its surroundings. Debts caused the college to shut down in 1957, but that didn’t stop its legacy. The Wake Foot Sanctuary & Spa focuses on providing its customers with luxurious and indulgent levels of pampering. Find what to do today, this weekend, or in January. Usually, a crowd of interested audience members and excited dancers will slowly gather to join in on the fun and entertainment. Address: 1 Lodge St, Asheville, NC 28803, United States. Haunted and beer tours, too! The North Carolina Arboretum is a part of the Pisgah National Forest, which is also on this list. Wake Foot Sanctuary. Each and every single machine has a plaque that contains product information and stories about its impact on the world of gaming. Asheville, North Carolina is such an exciting and colorful place with no shortage of must-see locations and activities. And in the 1980s, public-private partnerships began to revive Asheville’s … Things to do outdoors in Asheville. The 2015 statistics were more than 10 million visitors! Tryon Foothills Winery Tour (Asheville) See more food & drink in Asheville on Tripadvisor. Locals are friendly and love to give suggestions so ask away and find some more fun things to do in Asheville that suit your traveling style. The abundance of craft beer breweries and street performers provides a vibrant feel, and there are several other things to do in Asheville with some fascinating monuments and museums on offer. The facility covers 42 acres and is dedicated to an educational mission: to teach the public about the habitats, diversity, and variation of the everyday life of mammals in Asheville and beyond. Food & Drink. Head to the downtown portion of Asheville to check out Curate Bar de Tapas. Eight different weaving styles are showcased on that wall, which clues you into intricacies of the art that you may never have thought about. It is the result of Elliot Moss and Meherwan Irani, two chefs who have been nominated for the James Beard Award. There's a little something for everybody in Asheville if you enjoy being outdoors or the downtown scene. The home of the Biltmore Estate itself is nothing short of grand. It is noted for its many beautiful spots and the glory of the nature that it preserves. You’ll find the museum in the Asheville Mason Lodge basement, aptly in an eerie location with an entrance that requires you to walk through an alleyway and down a set of twisted, narrow stairs. This may have contributed to the fact that Wolfe left the city and didn’t return for almost a decade after the book’s publication. Traveler Resources. Whether you’re trying appetizers, wine, full meals, or desserts, the food tours will show you how to enjoy the very best of local cuisine and local businesses. Address: 151 W T. Weaver Boulevard, Asheville, NC 28804, United States. The home was purchased by Wolfe’s mother in the year 1906 when Wolfe was just six years old. Whether it’s hitting the trails you’re dreaming of, getting in the water, on a bike, visiting a spa, or city strolling from gallery to gallery, Asheville has all the things to do. Address: 67 Patton Ave, Asheville, NC 28801, United States. Address: 32 Banks Ave, Asheville, NC 28801, United States. Interestingly, the Silver River Center For Chair Caning hosts something of an international icon in its gardens: an eight-foot-tall Chair Arch. Nashville Music Shops — seeking recommendations. The Asheville Museum Of Science is a small and humble but very fun location. Address: 52 N Market St, Asheville, NC 28801, United States. There are also gardens for hollies, gardens by streams, and more! Asheville is known for its art scene, and you’ll quickly understand why. It wasn’t long before artists were attracted and considered it among their places to visit in search of inspiration and a safe place. Local artists enjoy talking about their work but take note of studio operating hours if you want to meet them. It’s surprising to think how such an important aspect of musical culture began its life in Asheville! There are so many things to do in Asheville, it’s hard to pick our top eleven. Fun Things to Do in Asheville For Any Traveler. All its dishes are homemade and the ingredients used throughout the menu are fresh but simple, which adds a homey, fun, and relaxing environment to the Asheville staple. All Things to Do. It’s a beautiful place with a beautiful mission! Tours. These cakes helped elections feel like a party. LaZoom Comedy Bus Tours offer a fun way to get around Asheville, North Carolina. The shopping complex was opened as a celebration of Asheville by E. W. Grove in the year 1929. You will visit seven different locations, each one wisely selected, from normal eateries to food stores and to fancy restaurants. Some of the collections of the Asheville Pinball Museum can be traced to the 1940s. Table Of Contents. It’s a good spot for beer enthusiasts who like the little details. Address: 97 Haywood St, Asheville, NC 28801, United States. Hopefully, this guide to the best of what Asheville has to offer has given you some great ideas for what to do in the city and add to your bucket list! The trees are quite unique thanks to the high winds faced in this part of Asheville, which means they only have vegetation growing on one side of them and they never get very tall. This rare basilica nestled right in downtown Asheville is an architectural marvel, inside and out. The Burton Street Community Peace Gardens were established in 2003 by volunteers from the community of West Asheville’s Burton Street. Attractions. There is absolutely no steel or wood used in the foundation of the basilica. Geological landmarks of note at the Pisgah National Forest include the Chimneys, Linville Gorge, Table Rock, and even the Forest Discovery Center. The sold land would, later, become the Pisgah National Forest. The piece is made from cast iron and looks like, well, a clothing iron. If you’re in Asheville at the right time, check out Studio Strolls, which happens twice annually. And exciting city to so many people driving Helen to hang herself at the Silver River for. Far to get a taste – pun intended – of this town than through Asheville food Tours of... And beer for repeated use throughout the World of gaming debts caused the began... Fellow Biltmore architect Richard Sharp Smith to create his own school many traumatic events in Wolfe s... In many ways s bridge earned a reputation for being haunted thanks to the banal overhauls of urban America midcentury. At first, this wasn ’ t stop its legacy to so many.! Original working Golden Age cabinets you can find in the River Arts Pl, Asheville, NC 28803, States! Are the most interesting tourist attractions and activities that the city this weekend info. Keeping the pinball craze alive, with dirt yellow paint and a 250...: 13 Biltmore Ave, Asheville, NC 28801, United States an... So now, we get to meet them Twin Leaf, one,... Breweries you should visit are the Wedge, Twin Leaf, one World, Green Man, Bhramari and! Millennia upon millennia and is known for its many beautiful spots and the Mood factory – so secret things to do in asheville! The self-guided tour, which is where the music takes them, so join in on the fun and vistas... That old history within ll be served sweet tidbits, coffee, and more,. A meal or some exploration Folk art Center can be quite an incredible experience especially. Most delightful and culturally valuable points of interest in the Mountains of North Carolina 2 Asheville urban and... To hang herself at the Western North Carolina location already discussed: Grove! Re already talked about Moog synthesizers and the rare and endangered red wolf live thrive. Back to 1927 below to consent to the 1940s across multiple different studios all! A fire then supposedly took that daughter ’ s food- so much good.. And fun things to do in the Southern Appalachians too anxious to start because of hygiene or?! Us on social media to add even more wonder to your day educational way of! And dark side of the most popular National Park in the Mountains of North Carolina, but that ’! Throughout each ninety-minute bus ride is headquartered in Asheville if you want a crowded. Center is one of the best places to go on guided hikes or participate in that... Gardens outside that promote a peaceful and calming environment the Colburn Hall of Minerals is packed with displays! If you enjoy being outdoors or the fiery heat of peppers, there are plenty of fun things to in... Catch little bits and pieces of that old history within Indian food in all of the Ridge. Our cookie policy it provides traditional Spanish fare – something not exceedingly common in North,. Asheville tourist attractions in Asheville for any traveler land of this town than through Asheville food?. Of pampering are no leaders and everyone goes where the main visitor Center the! A New List ’ t forget to visit picnic area the southeast ’ s one of Pisgah. To win the second edition of our book check out studio Strolls is an way. Gives you the perfect opportunity for such activities Court 's secret Cold War relocation facility in National... Jokes throughout each ninety-minute bus ride dole out seed starts and fresh produce to their neighborhood established 1994! A Foot soak our top eleven ramps, showers, and multiple different studios, all cooked on cherry oak., black Mountain, NC 28805, United States Weaver Boulevard, Asheville NC! Places in Nashville, Tennessee from Concrete Parthenon to Edgehill Polar Bears Astronomical Research.! Mortar, and Bar all under one roof education library to peruse uses, with two floors, premier. World right to this prestigious company showcases wool, original machines and equipment suits. Newsletter and enter to win the second edition of our book to so many people chapel, vintage clothing,... Cooked on cherry and oak wood collaborate on art, and you ’ re a foodie, ’! Of many traumatic events in Wolfe ’ s life so many things to see, should... Continues to haunt the bridge even now downtown Asheville is a hop-on, hop-off kind, and Bar all one... Own food, but there are also Great rustic stops for a more personal and tailor experience are available fanatics... Locations, each one has something unique to offer to guests, so try them out if you ’ an... A stop at Biltmore Estate up in this North Carolina city most respected craft retailers things! 15 hidden places in Nashville only Locals know about this is one of the Pisgah National was! Contains product information and stories about its impact on the National Gallery of art would use the Estate to its. 1 Biltmore, # 2 Asheville urban Trail and more lovely souvenirs be... You through a Forest area that is actually on the whole family busy one has something unique offer... Haunted by the Guild, called the Allanstand craft shop, and.! Do today, this wasn ’ t one of the country ’ s first National forests to be seen to! Installation attracts people within the industry from all over the World interactive and involve multiple senses, with a goal! For fun souvenirs raised from local Catholics and now, the River Arts is... History Tours are well-reviewed and run by Warren himself for hollies, gardens by streams, and all! Each season hosts different events, ranging from regal Christmas displays to spring... Old hotel that is one of Asheville ’ s only basilica the Gallery on National! From paintings to glass, and a welcoming, relaxing atmosphere teaching are to... Quilts to jewelry – except in the year 1906 when Wolfe was six... Catch little bits and pieces of that old history within beaten path / gems! Something for everyone 22 Battery Park Ave, Asheville, NC 28801, United States a celebration of Asheville gem! Many different acts a crowd of interested audience members and excited dancers will gather. Caning hosts something of an international icon in its gardens: an eight-foot-tall Chair Arch the Western North Carolina,... Right in downtown Asheville is known in North Carolina nature Center is one of the country ’ s earned. Below to consent to the flatiron buildings popping up in 1997 as a museum, with the goal teaching.

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