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National security law: Hong Kong rounds up 53 pro-democracy activists. Enforcing Hong Kong’s new national security law may not be so easy after all. It also examines the implementation of Moral and National Education, which has become one of the most recent controversial issues in Hong Kong’s education policy. Hong Kong police have arrested 53 former lawmakers and activists in the largest move against the city’s pro-democracy movement since a national security law was imposed last June. This statement was originally published in Freedom House’s China Media Bulletin 148. Facing discontent and massive protests, the Hong Kong government was forced to concede in September by pledging that moral and national education programs will not be compulsory. The officer confirmed those arrested … On the face of it, political life here has been turned upside down in just six months. "Eleven people were arrested by the national security department for 'conspiracy to assist offenders'," a senior police source told AFP. Established in 1911, the University of Hong Kong (HKU) is the territory’s oldest institute of higher learning and also an internationally recognized, research led, comprehensive university. Hunger strikes marked the start of the Hong Kong school year as students, parents, and teachers protested against what they perceive as Beijing-led interference in the public school curriculum. "As well as their awareness of the importance of national security, thereby developing in them a sense of belonging to the country." First person charged under the new law is denied bail. Responding to questions from Reuters, Hong Kong’s Education Bureau said that “fostering students’ sense of national identity” is a key learning goal, as it is in other countries. Plans to adopt Chinese civic education into the Hong Kong public school curriculum have sparked protests among residents, who claim it amounts … Following the introduction of a sweeping national security law in late June, the government in Hong Kong stepped up its scrutiny over the education system. Published 6 January. The Hong Kong government has sought since 2007 to introduce "national education" courses to strengthen "national identity awareness" and nurture patriotism towards China. Government of Hong Kong on January 15 lashed out at the United States for imposing retaliatory sanctions against six officials over the controversial National Security Law. National education "aims to enhance students' knowledge about our country's history, culture and development," the bureau said. Hong Kong Broadband Network (HKBN) has admitted that it has blocked an anti-government website in order to comply with the national security law. Japan did only harm to China, Mr Yeung thundered. Freedom House compiles information on how China's National Security Law is undermining academic freedom in Hong Kong. Responding to questions from Reuters, Hong Kong's Education Bureau said that "fostering students' sense of national identity" is a key learning goal, as it is in other countries. The programme has drawn public opposition in recent years, with many in Hong Kong seeing it as a brainwashing attempt by the Chinese Communist Party to suppress dissent. Hong Kong: The National Security Law’s “creeping impact” on the education sector. July 5: Hong Kong’s Education Bureau urges schools to review textbooks to make sure they do not violate security law. Hong Kong's … Kevin Yeung Yun-hung, Hong Kong’s secretary of education, called for the question to be expunged from the exam, unmarked. Calling the sanctions "insane, shameless and despicable”, the Hong Kong government told South China Morning Post that it extended full support to Beijing to adopt appropriate “countermeasures”. The sector is seen by pro-Beijing forces as one of the instigators of the unrest. “There is … Hong Kong's national security police arrested 11 people in dawn raids on Thursday, including a veteran human rights lawyer, on suspicion of helping a group of activists make a failed bid to flee the city by speedboat. "Anyone who is still defending the National Security Law and making peace is the enemy of Hong Kong people." The school year in international schools usually starts in August. Hong Kong’s National Security Law Creeps Into Education Sector By Jessie Lau Critics warn free discussion in schools is under attack amid new restrictions on teaching topics. Jimmy Lai: Hong Kong's rebel mogul and pro-democracy voice. Hong Kong’s education sector underwent a turbulent year in the wake of the mass pro-democracy protests, with teachers sacked and major changes to the school curriculum. Hong Kong riot police fire tear gas during a pro-democracy protest against Beijing's national security legislation in Hong Kong, May 24, 2020. attend education and training if they are aged 16 to 19; Who can apply. Responding to questions from Reuters, Hong Kong's Education Bureau said that "fostering students' sense of national identity" is a key learning goal, as it is in other countries. The Hong Kong education system offers a variety of international schools including both primary and secondary school options. You can apply for the Hong Kong BN(O) visa if you are a BN(O) citizen. China's crackdown on Hong Kong is purging teachers, rewriting textbooks and increasing pressure on schools over what to put in the minds of students. Adopting a cross-subject perspective, it concludes by illustrating the roles of Liberal Studies and Moral and National Education in strengthening multi-disciplinary learning and citizenship education in the NSS academic structure. Published 23 December 2020. However, US … National education in Hong Kong also blurs the distinctions between country, nation and state. Street protests a 'distant memory' Then, in a shopping mall, I saw lots and lots of Christmas decorations, even though only 16% of Hong Kong residents are Christian. HONG KONG, Jan 14: Hong Kong’s national security police arrested 11 people in dawn raids on Thursday, including a veteran human rights lawyer, on suspicion of helping a … In order to be sure your child gets a spot in the school of your preference you should start your application process one year in advance. Nathan Law, a prominent Hong Kong activist who fled the territory in July last year, said the widespread arrests had taken "the suppression of political freedom and freedom of speech" to "another level". National education “aims to enhance students’ knowledge about our country’s history, culture and development,” the bureau said.

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