php regex phone number

You can validate any phone number against any format using Regular Expressions. © PHP Live Regex Learn 2020. Hence, it is very important to validate user input data before using them for various purposes. User sometimes could enter any other characters by mistake or with malicious intention. Regular Expression to Matches a string if it is a valid phone number. Those are digits, ‘-’, ‘.’ and ‘+’. A couple of days ago, I revisited that post and realized how inefficient my function actually was. Remember that all of them are case sensitive. Clean phone numbers php regex. This example demonstrates how to verify enter number is phone number or not, using regex in android. Commentdocument.getElementById("comment").setAttribute( "id", "ad0e541ae4b59f535e1e55cd51fb5d05" );document.getElementById("a3d9475a16").setAttribute( "id", "comment" ); © Digital Design Journal 2018 - 2021, All Rights Reserved. How would I do it - say someone is typing 15:00 into the text field - what regular expression and php function should I use to remove the colon from it and make it only return the valid characters. 1,330 Views. I'm trying to put together a comprehensive regex to validate phone numbers. PHP provides you with several very powerful functions for parsing regular expressions. It also allows an optional leading +1. - / ( etc. Using inbuilt PHP filters easier. That is our final code. Regex: ^(?:\+?1[-. ]?([0-9]{4})$. Regex: ^\(?([2-9][0-8][0-9])\)?[-. The rules and conventions used to print international phone numbers vary significantly around the world, so it’s hard to provide meaningful validation for an international phone number unless you adopt a strict format. In this regex tutorial, we will learn to validate international phone numbers based on industry-standard notation specified by ITU-T E.123. Let’s do it. ]? ]?([2-9][0-9]{2})[-. Ideally it would handle international formats, but it must handle US formats, including the following: 1-234-567-8901. We are going to do it in a simple and easy way. is used, regex is greedy, and catches more long version, if | is used, most first matching variant is catched:

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