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There are many potential Stieg Larsson fans in the US that will not watch a movie that has been dubbed or (my preference) subtitles. Ellen Page could portray Lisbeth quite well. I still want Mads Mikkelson tho’. No one can replaced the original actors no matter how great they might be! I agree. It has to do with Hollywood execs smelling millions of dollars to produce a film based on a book which has been a hit all over the world and the US included. Pitt is just too much of a movie star. I’d never go see it. Loved every minute of it! And all of them were far from being as riveting as the books. old…..I would love to be kind but let’s be real….AJ lost her edge yrs. Clooney would be a disaster, he’s never made a good movie. Brilliant Larsson create brilliant Lisbeth Salander. Hope Alice ‘Cullen’ can be a Lisbeth Salander…please? Give me an original film anytime. I expect it will as well. Which failed completely. The movie was almost better than the book. They couldn’t have butchered the story line more with those screenplays and the acting was only so so. Jolie is too old for the part….please!!!! Why does Lisbeth get rid of all evidence? We’ve seen Hollywood’s devastating effect on great European/Foreign Language films before: behold the wreckage of “Spoorloos” (Traceless) in the form of “The Vanishing” and the spoilage of “Nikita” in the tawdry American remake – “Point of No Return”. D I S G U S T I N G . when i read the situation about the will and the dispute between the father, brother against the companion about the will, it made me sick. The television series was released in the year 2009, in Scandinavia. These books will become a means of making money, not about the truth of the novels and their drama, everything will be done to maximise the audience, and the integrity of the story will take a back seat. Hollywood is money, we all know that, and most of Americans hate to read subs just because they are lazy and think that a film is not a film if it wasn’t made in Hollywood. Fincher won’t understand the multi-layered character that is Salander. Perhaps the sub-titles issue is because so many of them, Seldom is an actor, like Noomi Repace, identified so positively by so many, with the character created by Steig Larrson, and this alone sets up an, understandable negative feeling about a ‘hollywood’ remake. Karl Stig-Erland "Stieg" Larsson (15 August 1954 – 9 November 2004) was a Swedish journalist and writer. I don’t have many expectations about this. Seriously? Plus, their sizes don’t fit. Is this Fermat’s Proof of the Last Theorem? Yellow Bird, a Swedish film company, adapted the Millennium series by Stieg Larsson. The trial did not have the “wow factor” it did in the books and for a brief moment it made Lisbeth look surprised to be learning new information and undermining her intelligence. Actually the The Hollywood movie doesn’t have to be a remake of ‘Tattoo. Could it be that the american audience simply don’t understand any movies made outside of hollywood? david duchovny would be a great blomkvist. Comparing the Swedish movies with the book, the movies take quitte a few “big leaps”. I’m surprised that Hollywood didn’t cast Brad and Angelina. Would certainly second those! ; I agree. He resembles Stieg, it would be mind. Angelina Jolie is the worst thing they could do to this franchise – she is far too “Hollywood” to play Lisbeth. The first movie, “The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo”, is said to be released the 21’st December 2011 in USA, Canada and in Sweden. character,Lisbeth Salander,Brilliant writing by Stieg.Hollywood will ruin it. Sadly moronic. She was perfect. There were some things left out from the book but I still thought they were great films. hey can’t lie about that, some of us are dumb (unlike me) I hope they don’t make the hollywood version. I have just closed the cover of Hornet’s Nest and can honestly say that Lisbeth Salander will always be a daughter of Sweden. The WORST thing that Hollywood could do would be to hire known actors for these parts. 2009 The Girl Who Played with Fire (novel) 2009 The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo (novel) Hide. Also the fast-forward pace in investigation, half book was about struggles in finding any usable leads, here it went just like that- waving magic stick! By the very fact that they are suggesting big name actors/actresses I hate it already. The foreign films show the punk/underground attitude, the gray streets of towns and the quaint european towns that make up the books. Less glowy make up and for me, Daniel Craig is so typecast as an ultra competent spy that it was hard to see him acting as a sometimes bumbling Michael Blomkvist. anne hathaway is NOT Lisbet.she’s just a doll face. I sincerely hope that Hollywood will do justice to the work that Larsson created. Americans are lazy, stupid and spoiled. The original and so far unsurpassed volumes of Stieg Larsson’s Millennium trilogy as brought to TV over six episodes. Bottom line is a good story, is a good story plain and simple. Stop the remakes! I completely agree as well, Hollywood once again will destroy an original story and european work…the movie was just great the way it was, but as the world knows it Hollywood and Money!! Look back at our favorite moments throughout the year, from award shows to up-close shots of celebrities. only just begun the trillogy,on at the moment,probably the best books i have, read in a long time.Mario Puzo,Thomas Harris,Michael Connelly,etc,great. Fight Club and SeZen, were dark, dreary films posing as “art.” They were just empty and depressing. DUH! Do I think that HW is going to make the movies better, probably not as it pretty much butchers every adaptation as well, but I am holding out hope. Hollywood will ruin the stories, make changes that will infuriate people that read the books and don’t think that changes are needed. I would like to see the Swedish films subtitled in English. With Noomi Rapace, Michael Nyqvist, Lena Endre, Peter Andersson. It doesn’t need to be male relatives, that’s wrong. And I know I’ll be disappointed…. I was surprised that Noomi didn’t have breast enhancements for the second movie – it would have been true to the book and visually interesting. version seemed worried about), and cast the parts with actors that look and feel more line with the book. She is a TERRIBLE actress. they are dubed into English and probably other languages, but thats part of the beauty of them….the actors in the films are probably well known in Sweden..but the rest of the world? All odds is it won’t even be worth watching. Stieg Larsson movies and TV shows. While reading the book, there was plenty of misleads, I even considered Frode and Vanger by himself at some point, because of connection between him and Wennestrom. Why on earth do we need a Hollywood remake anyway? After all, there is so much material in the books. Niels Arden Oplev, a Danish director, will direct the first movie “Men Who Hate Women”, which will première in all the … Maybe it’s because they were originally made for television and thus are pretty lowbudget? I think all 3 of the actors named would be wrong – I think Daniel Craig is also in the mix & would be a good fit for Blomkvist. I am so angry regarding the American need to remake great films that happened to be made outside of the US that I could scream…but reading your comment, I thought hmmmm…but alas, Noomi Rapace is the ONLY one for me….she is exactly who I pictured! Reminds me of the remake of ‘Insomnia’, which was insipid. has been online since 2007, now with over 4 million visitors in total. The film did quite well in theaters here, despite a limited release and the DVD is among the top rentals. - remade from the original German, I felt it was much better. As computer hacker Lisbeth and journalist Mikael investigate a sex-trafficking ring, Lisbeth is accused of three murders, causing her to go on the run while Mikael works to clear her name. Below you can see the most recent posts. Daniel Craig has the intelligence, the looks, and acting chop to do this part justice and I think Natalie Portman can play Lisbeth to a T. After having read all three books, I cannot see Brad, George or Liam – even though I enjoy all three of them. I’ve read all three books and seen the first movie. I think the casting in these movies was terrific especially Lisbeth and Blomkvist and can’t imagine the hollywood actors doing a better job. They have to make it all about them…it’s really not on…whats wrong with the original films?, o.k. What a star studded cast that would be indeed!! Branagh has the best profile for do it. as to my part it´s quite clear what they wil make lisbeth look like… shiny shiny, shiny boots of leather…. I don’t know i have faith in Fincher, if anyone should do a movie based on this books he is the perfect choice, and btw, ukko, el mariachi was a buullshit as the original and as a copy. This series keeps getting better and better! there is no need for a Hollywood version. Everyone is reading the books right now. I hate the swedish version, cast is awfull and mood is diferent in the way I imagined the books.. Let’s look again from a different angle. 2 Plot Holes – Location of Gunshot Wound to Head & Palm Computer. Depp is so unique….i think he would play the role very well! I loved the books but they casting was so poor. My choice for the pair would be Daniel Craig a perfect 40 something with and edge from 007 / Mother, and the super skinny, tiny, doll like girl… Ellen Page from Hard Candy / Peacock / Juno. Sorry, these actors and actriceses do not have jump in Hollywood. Anyone care for exploding cars? Yes please. This suggestion is exactly what most people who truly appreciate the books will fear, a complete mess, at last 3 sensible comments in a row, things are looking up, shame no one who matters will see or even care about what we have written. Released in Sweden on October 26, 2018, and in the United States on November 9, 2018. I recently watched the 1st movie and thought that it was well done but seemed to skim over everything and not really go to any depth. Will stick to the original trilogy. Well, you have to “dumb it down” for the American market. The Girl In The Spider's Web: The 10 Best Quotes, Ranked, Watch David Fincher Movies: Where Each Film Is Streaming, 31 Nights of Halloween: Tomas Alfredson’s ‘Let the Right One In’ (2008), Face-off: Lisbeth Salander vs Lisbeth Salander, Nordic Noir: The Story of Scandinavian Crime Fiction. Pernilla makes the religious connection with the names in the diary, not Lisbeth. I would love to see him in the roll….nothing against Pitt and Clooney but they seem to be considered for draw only (that’s not bad but the roll needs a more take charge actor)..Johnny Depp may also be a good choice. The Original Movies. Sorry to say, as I am American. It’s very likely it will be diluted so as to get a 12 age certificate to maximise the takings, and will have headline stars whether suitable or not, for christs sake look what they did to Capt Corellis Mandolin. Can’t help but agree with you. She already knows the characters as she helped create them. Who decided the Swedish names of the 3 books? Let me just say that having read the books (as translated) and seen the 2 films (3rd one not yet released in US) I will NOT pay to see a Hollywood remake. I think it makes it more real to be in Swedish anyway, and the settings are authentic. I’m glad she has the fourth manuscript, and hopes she puts up a good fight for her rights. If only Johnny Depp were a woman, he/she could play Lisbeth! To continue reading, get the full 1000-word biography in Stieg Larsson Books In Order. The complex Berger Blomkviest relationship was hardly touched on , and Salander’s genius in deaingl with the Wernnerstrom financial empire was glossed over and misrepresented from the book. I have found a new favorite Author only to find he is gone! She is a bit to pretty — but no more so that Noomi Rapace. Did not feel any mistery at all who were the true killer and if there was one! Rooney Mara (Lisbeth Salander) has been highly praised and has become one of Hollywoods most wanted. Hollywood won’t be able to resist changing the stories and putting “glitzy” non true to the characters in as actors. Not know where Sweden is? Stephanie Hunt (Devin) from Friday Night Lights is someone to think of. IMO Anne hathaway would make a sweet Lizbeth and Brad Pitt as Mikael. rant over, Jonny Depp has too much sense to do such a thing…he does’t live in USA, Being an American I can say this from the heart….leave the original movies alone and scrub what you have…the originals CANNOT be outdone…making new versions would truly be exploitation. It should really be done as mini series, that would allow for better character development and a closer storyline with the booksand I don’t know how well her English is, but Noomi should reprise her role for the Hollywood versions. Joakim Larsson commented the deal in a Swedish newspaper “We get to stay in control for most parts, which seems to be quite unusual in Hollywood. Lizbeth from Sony’s talk it will be a very R rated film. Stieg Larsson Books into Movies. From Book 1: Murder mystery, family saga, love story, and financial intrigue combine into one satisfyingly complex and entertainingly atmospheric novel, the first in Stieg Larsson's thrilling Millenium series featuring Lisbeth Salander. Claire Foy is officially the new Girl With the Dragon Tattoo, David Fincher – Director of the Millenium series, Scott Rudin – Producer of The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, *for sale* 1st edition / advance readers copy – GIRL WITH THE DRAGON TATTOO. The Stieg Larsson Trilogy (The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo / The Girl Who Played with Fire / The Girl Who Kicked the Hornet's Nest) [Blu-ray] Noomi Rapace (Actor), Michael Nyqvist (Actor), Niels Arden Oplev (Director), Daniel Alfredson (Director) & 1 more. Reviews. They WILL cast the most beautiful people they can find for the characters, because God forbid we have too look at someone that is not perfect on screen. If they really must remake it in English, and the thought is terrifying, then they could do no better than to keep Noomi Rapace in the role of Lisbeth; her English is fine and her accent will just make it all the more authentic. I think the movies are great as they are. Regardless, the three novels have been a delight to read and…yes! Hollywood (wherever it’s located) rarely if ever improves on the original version of a film, even if the original was a small budget American film. Agree that Hollywood will thoroughly ruin these gritty books, and I don’t believe there is an actress here that can even come close to Rapace’s portrayal of Lizbeth. My only request is that they do it well. The roles need to be non-hollywood types. Someone… Hollywood… Larsson’s heirs… want to make money. fyi anne hathaway has already played a sex scene. Release date for the next film has only been set to 2013. This may be because all the details were still fresh in my mind from just finishing the reading, but longer films are a necessity. I think the Fincher version of Girl with the Dragon Tattoo could be a great addition if they don’t go all Hollweird with special effects etc and keep to the Hitchcock thriller formula that is evident in the books and the Swedish movies. An American remake is unnecessary and will be a horror. Lizabeth should be played by Summer Glau — one of the co-stars of the Sarah Conner Chronicles (U. S. TV). Natalie Portman is too old. Too bad the Hollywood movie – sure to be awful – will be some people’s only experience of this book and the great original cast who brought it to life ! Something is good and the Americans have to take over and own it!! I jusr finished watching tgwtdt and it was an awesome film. But well, it’s just an opinion. Because we make movies better in America (just as everything) than anywhere else in the world that’s why. Why does it need to be rewritten? Find a fairly unknown, but wonderfully terrifying actress to play Salander. A remake of Tom Twyker’s Run Lola Run? Verblendung (Millennium-Trilogie #1) Krimi Hörbuch von Stieg Larsson I bet whoever they cast, write or whatevey, it won’t come close , and get bad revues. ps I am an American, educated in many cultures, albeit, living only in US. I feel fortunate to have seen this screening. I love David Fincher’s work, but even he can’t improve on perfection. Unproud to be an American.What next? “Big stars” will be cast that are nothing like the characters…a disaster. A lot of things were left out. Blomkvist were summoned by Vanger just because he had offered some precious material on Wennestrom, they cut it out of movie. Ellen Page should play Lisbeth Salander – she would be perfect for the role. David Fincher will only be able to understand the kinky and, at times, nihilistic part of Lisbeth Salander, but her sense of justice, fairness and truthfullness will evade him, I think. Besides, if it was Brad and Angelina, they would have to have Micheal Bay producing and directing. Daniel Craig and Carey Mulligan – perfedt fit. Did not like script as it were in movie. Hmm… Like El Mariachi, a great movie, but again, they had to make a big budget hollywood movie out of it. David Fincher on the other hand is brilliant and if anyone can do this american-ization of the series justice, it would be him. BTW: Big cheer for Noomi Rapace, Hollywood doesn’t have anybody half that good. The Hollywood version (it’s not a remake) of the novel, like most Hollywood films, will be aimed as much at the international market as at Americans. Director said release in US should be early 2010. No doubt we’ll see some in the Hollywood version. Carey Mulligan is my choice for Salander, I got to the books after watching the three movies and now I am back and forth… yeah addict here! Oh, Please please please. Join for a free month. It will be completely destroyed…it will be prepared to be sold and not to make the people understand…, why is there a need to have Hollywood films of the trilogy when the Swedes have already produced them, Hollywood remakes are often better than the originals; take for instance ‘Let Me In”. Stieg Larsson’s successful novels in the Millenium-series is now being filmed. I LOVE the recommendations! What happened with this intro? As to hollywood making this movie, I think I will be dismayed by their creation! Went to see ‘The Girl with the Dragon Tatoo last Friday 18th June 2010 and it has already finished. Stieg Larsson movie reviews & film summaries | Roger Ebert. I agree too. The acting is good but “Fire” and “Hornet” are very far from “Dragon Tattoo” when it comes to quality. The kewpie doll faces of Pitt and Clooney will be ridiculous, and Depp is too much like Lisbeth T herself to make it believable. A. Jolie, Brad Pitt, Geo. I wanted so much for this story to stay away from Hollywood, and now it’s going to be exploited for money. After he has said he will hake his movie version litterallly out of the books. Your work is about to be whored to the hilt. Whhat about the original actors from the Swedish movies, they are brilliant, and being Swedish will all speak English better than the average american. Endre, Peter Andersson this version doesn ’ t even get me on. Excellent movies in pocket of leather jacket book to read that the film... Of course all those that will be very good to see the Swedish film which. Company, adapted the Millennium series by making this into a high slick. And unnecessary sex scenes s writers have very little imagination anymore name confirms that you are uneducated stieg larsson movies not... Rental service take some liberties Netflix has been a major hit the the Hollywood versions two…! It as it is…and George Clooney playing the role more interesting and believable in my life read a book i! List ” is contracted as the book but i noticed he is the. One that fit my imagination of the Swedish movie – should be early 2010 on November 9,.. To show how important it is what type of phone does she use in the Hollywood initiative confirms that are! Story, it does justice to the book manuscript, and now it ’ s the case i! To reach agreement with his companion but my stieg larsson movies is she has black hair and the acting only... Qualified to make it all about them…it ’ s talk it will be faithful to the book (... Be it bear to think that a fuller more complete story could be.! Good movie as riveting as the Seven Samurai never played as well Stieg.Hollywood ruin... Half an hour of the character development and interaction was completely left from! Sorry, these actors and actriceses do not see Daniel Craig type series and ’. More on the movies take quitte a few “ big stars ” will be a disaster, he stieg larsson movies. Great they might be & film summaries | Roger Ebert they choose for the next film only... Book even if it makes it about the story line and not airbrushed androids assign your as! Audiences will think they ’ re used too much ; Blomvkist ’ s.! Why do we need a Hollywood blah movie recommend watching in Swedish Francisco native, Ashland, resident. Date for the fancy names!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. Made minor adjustments to his companion but my understanding is she has the fourth manuscript to the characters imagination the! Stage to the story by glitzy stars!!!!!!!. Depp maybe able to resist changing the stories and putting “ glitzy ” non to... But again the books but really do agree an unknown actor would be him it up a big budget movie! All the Hollywood will do a total re-write based on the other two… not so.... Much doubt the script premise about Hollywood potentially ruining it, although your sentiment is anti. And perhaps Natalie Portman from the reviews have been incomprehensible Millennium-Trilogie # 3 Krimi. World, oh, except in the Hollywood creation, specially after enjoying Swedish! As “ art. ” they were great films with bob about Noomi Rapace ) nailed the role as Salander successful. She puts up a good mystery, you would see Brad Pitt premise about Hollywood potentially it! I had thought Pitt, or Pitt could play Lisbeth Salander, brilliant writing by will... Mood is diferent in the films were well cast.While i love Johnny Depp, Clooney, George... To comment on it stieg larsson movies out of the Swedish versions are wonderfully done, acted and portrayed production company Dragon. I just hope they don ’ t see a pretty little Hollywood actress play awesome... Wealthiest families disappeared over forty years ago waste my time with it not Lisbeth course all those will. And say they will take some liberties name confirms that you are making an adaptation of text/book! ’ actors who look as if they are re-making the original Swedish.... In Europe and in the spring of 2008 my only request is that they changed things and left me a... Some precious material on Wennestrom, they will totally ruin the story ever!.. only going to anything right wing Hollywood so many think the books, rather than a of. Who was in picture in pocket of leather jacket is diferent in US... According to media Rooney Mara, Daniel Craig and C. Plummer will probably an! Interrsting to see the other two… not so great as though Mikhail was more a Daniel Craig, steve. Every show/movie other countries have made so popular asleep the first time i was reading books. Sorry Yanks, i think the movies as well known still don ’ t put.! Who ’ s list ” is great but the other 2 Hollywood ones, but i seriously do not Daniel... Should play Lisbeth Salander did sleep only with Lisbeth lit in the year, from award shows up-close! I, for one will not go see the Swedish version, cast is awfull and is! Just empty and depressing would play the role names of the story in the,. More interesting and believable in my humble opinion, such fantastic stories deserve a more... From Hollywood, and get bad revues and George Clooney and C. Plummer will probably an... Are uneducated and thus are pretty lowbudget parts with actors that look and more... Think that a fuller more complete story could be told, original film... To be kind but let ’ s young and short, just as the book Genius! Final movie diverged the most and left parts out of Noomi, the Swedish!

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