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The BO wanted to use the Miyanos for their own research, which was indirectly stated by Haibara in her thoughts(File 948). Shinichi Kudo is a high school detective who sometimes works with the police to solve cases. Download Ost Musik Opening-Ending MP3 Soundtrack Detective Conan Link Aktif Terbaru. So what does this say about the APTX research, the BO's true goal? And IF one gonna do a 'fast forward into the future' ending, then the future scene should have Shin'ichi returning, as a grown up Conan. Also the last part (Actual Conan Edogawa waving his hand to the viewers) would make me cry. Balas. If for some reason, however unlikely, the caller wasn't Vermouth who talked to Itakura, then the cat in the background could attest to that, since Vermouth has never been shown with a cat. Detective Conan Ending 15. THIS PAGE HAS A LOT OF SPOILS INCLUDED SINCE IT REVOLVES AROUND THE LATEST CHAPTERS/STORY! Posted by 3 years ago. Nice ! If Gosho is indeed implying that the software is connected to why Vermouth is hiding it from the BO, and since we know that Vermouth found out about the shrinking effect long after she already ordered Itakura, it means that the thing she is trying to cover up is something that the shrinking effect might reveal about something in the past. The cases of a detective whose physical age was chemically reversed to that of a prepubescent boy but must hide his true mental development. The only way for her to know is if Someone tells her about it or Shinichi transforming to Conan in front of her (That would be epic). This year is Detective Conan's 25th year of serialisation. I want a time skip to where she has a boy and names it Conan. ... Mai Kuraki×Detective Conan COLLABORATION BEST 21 -Shinjitsu wa Itsumo Uta ni Aru!-20/04/2020. From 2013 onwards, a new song called Conan, il detective più famoso is being used. When is Detective Conan gonna end? Daftar List Download Op-Ed Versi Pack Langsung Satu Paket/ 1 Paket, Music Lagu MP3 320kbps HD Anime dan Manga Ost Music Full Versi hanya disini. Like it's already been 24 years and it still hasn't progressed much in main story. Item Condition. She claims that the APTX research is something that most people would consider non-beneficial or uninteresting, just like the Japanese dolls that only interests Japanese female kids(File 384). Detective Conan 63rd Ending Theme - "Reboot" by Miyakawa Airi On-air...: 2021.01.09 ===== ===== See More This comment is something similar to what Vermouth would say(talking about God and Angels). and does anyone have good GOOD and reliable links to sites that have prediction of the ending … There are also soundtracks in the series known as background music. I agree and like everything, except Ran finding out. Detective Conan Ending 18 (Special) Gosho loves making reference to old famous novels. When asked about the reason for Detective Conan's popularity, Aoyama answered with a face of wonder, "I don't know." Setting: General. The poll itself isn’t too much of a novelty… except for the fact that there are over 115 different themes to choose from. He will not let Detective Boys or Ran be a part of his plan to bring down BO. 322 The Kidnapper's Disappearing Getaway Car (Part 2) June 2, 2003 TV Original PET bottle The Detective Boys are forced to go to the police after Conan does not answer their calls from his badge. - The Boss of the Black Organization's True goal most likely lies only in the APTX4869 Research, Sherry's research, and not in Itakura's software. Sort by. Detective Conan 63rd Ending Theme - "Reboot" by Miyakawa Airi On-air...: 2021.01.09 ===== ===== See More I'm scared that something like this will actually happen. APTX is so far the only confirmed drug that has an effect that falls close to the second category, lengthening life through shrinking (Immortality). Your theory involves Aoyama having been planning Detective Conan to the point of knowing the boss's identity four years before the series began, but nothing suggests that. - The APTX4869 research is something that might be more beneficial to the Boss than anyone else. 3. Ai is already testing an antidote on Kudo and it's most likely she will be the source of his cure. This also leaves me to believe that the accident was orchestrated by Vermouth, who we know has shown reasons to stop their research. It's possible that Conan's recall on haibara's statement, about punishment that awaits those who rush and forcibly tries to go against the stream of time(File 380)(below), is a foreshadowing to what could have happened to the Boss. 1:25. The life of Wayne Hays (Mahershala Ali) has slowly unfurled non-chronologically over past eight weeks on HBO, using his major unsolved case as a way to explore the power of memory and time in a wholly unexpected way. This implies that she had no interest in the idea of things like longevity, that goes beyond limits set by the stream of time, and that it might have been her parents who wrote her name in the book instead, wishing their daughter a longer life, which indicates that they are interested in the concept of longevity(immortality). The reason for Frankenstein being called a "mad scientist" is because he tried to achieve something that should be beyond the capacity of a human, and that goes to a forbidden realm, namely the God's realm(according to religious believes). If the woman is Vermouth, it's less likely that it had something to do with the BO's true goal, since she wouldn't have cooperated to that extent to something she despises. It could have been someone captured, that had their mouth taped/covered, making cat-like sounds in order to call for help for example or some kind of relevant sound interference. My guess on how Detective Conan will end. Stream Detective Conan Opening & Ending Songs, a playlist by Janie SJ from desktop or your mobile device. Conan didn't gather Detective Boys. Remember to join my Discord server! Setting: General. save. Detective Conan- 5 Important Facts/Theory about End of DC. The poll itself isn’t too much of a novelty… except for the fact that there are over 115 different themes to choose from. The most common possibility, from a typical story standpoint, is that it's deeply connected to the main Antagonist(the Boss). Raising the dead would've have sounded like reasonable assumption, since it could lead to both good and bad aftermaths. When he is about to drink the last cure he trips and broke the container wasting it lololol, Seriously, I want Shinichi to be a consultant for the FBI or the Japanese Police force, helping them solve crimes. Download the 34th ending of Detective Conan in the best quality possible! Joe Biden. By using our Services or clicking I agree, you agree to our use of cookies. im still hellbent as fuck on the fact that the BO’s true motive is still immortality, even tho gosho said “haha, no. If Itakura's software is connected to the progression of the APTX research, then it's doubtful that Vermouth would contribute as much as she did, if the one on the phone with Itakura was indeed her. Whatever the software does, If the it's used incorrectly, it could potentially harm humanity, which is what Itakura was implying(File 380). Since we know that a multiple of big unbelievable names is supporting the organization(File 475)(below), and that Pisco expressed knowledge of the Miyano's research(File 242)(below), it's likely to assume that the big names, along with Pisco, were funding the Miyano's research. Starting 2015, original opening and ending themes are being kept for the uncut version of the same episodes which already aired with the third Italian song. What we know from Gosho's interviews is that he denied that immortality/longevity is their true goal. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. IF YOU ARE LOOKING FOR A SPOILER-FREE DISCUSSION PAGE, THIS IS NOT FOR YOU! And after defeating the leader of the Black Organization with the help from his Detective Boys Allies,Ran and most of his friends.The Leader and the group are finally arrested and Conan finally found the cure to return him back to Shinichi again at the right age,Except it's the only one left,He decided to sacrifice the cure by giving it to Ai Haibara (who was once a Black Organization member and created the poison but redeem herself after her attempted suicide by the same poison and now a member of the Detective Boys) But Ai rejected it and decides it’s better to live as a child than be an adult again because she decides to have a second chance and with encouragement from Ran ,his Detective Boys friends and his allies who all want him to take the cure so he can be his rightful age again since it is his goal ,Conan with tears in his eyes but is encouraged by his friends words smiled decided to take the cure and be his rightful age and be Shinichi again permanently this time. During an investigation, he is attacked by members of a crime syndicate known as the Black Organization. The well-liked but bumbling P.I. He revealed, when Detective Conan first started, "I thought that it would end in 3 months." Then what could Itakura's software's purpose have been? Either way, it was definitely given to us as a foreshadowing to something down the road. report. 1:32. The fact that such an effect is shown, through Vermouth, indicates that the "dream/terrifying drug" that the parents were working on has to be something that gives longevity/halts aging. Download the 51st ending of Detective Conan in the best quality possible! 9. This will be considered a heartwarming and a passing the torch ending as Shinichi just pass his detective skills to his son and be just like him when he was turned into a child. His "biography" is as easy to find as Winston Churchill's (and there seems to be some fact/fiction confusion on both counts). We also see what happened to the rest of the Detective conan characters throughout the series. Sherry took over the research of her parents and used their research materials, that was left after the accident, as a foundation. What we know about the Silver Bullet project and Haibara's parents is: - Atsushi Miyano was considered a "Mad Scientist" because of his abnormal style of thinking and theories(File 384). It would mean that the boss had to have at least approved the research, if he/she were to accept financial support. The last thing they'd want would be a 'cure' to revert them to their natural age. Anterior Ending-----Siguiente Ending Thank You For Everything es el ending 23 de la serie de Detective Conan y va desde el episodio 417 hasta el episodio 424. - her constant hope and trust on the "silver bullet"(Shinichi) taking down the BO(most likely because of their goal). Rating/Warnings: G. Characters: Rachel and Serena. Related materials, such as fan art, theories, or Gosho Aoyama's other works, are welcome as well. Silahkan Download Lagu Soundtracknya Dibawah ini Full Version Song. Examples to what it could be is the progress of the APTX/SB research and the truth behind the Miyanos' accident. Blogs and Reddit have been flooded since the True Detective Season Three finale on Sunday with theories about the ending. This could most likely be what motivates her to keep her Boss-relationship-secret(File 898) hidden from the BO. Conan sneaks into Hirota's apartment and attempts to stop her from meeting the assailants. Download Ost Musik Opening-Ending MP3 Soundtrack Detective Conan Link Aktif Terbaru. It sounds like the goal of the drug Ai and her parents were making was to return to a child's body to attain never ending youth. is linked to a mysterious explosion at Edge of Ocean, Tokyo’s new cutting-edge technology district, and the proposed site of the international Tokyo Summit. Kogoro Mori, private investigator extraordinaire, is behind bars! Item Condition. een jaar geleden linhdang_2000 said… thank you very much, but in the conan's article, there is an article about conan's ending. It could be through the means of erasing all information of the drug from the BO database(like the "Night Baroon" Virus), as well as hack into hospital database to change/delete "Sharon's" DNA information, in case the Boss wants to verify if she is the same person(which could be the ongoing case, considering she may have been in a hurry to finish the software). Press J to jump to the feed. Well I thought this will be used in the climax in the last chapters where Conan confront the unmasked leader of the black organisation in some high places in an amusement park probably the roller coaster or the Ferris wheel and maybe he will rescue Ran from his clutches and if the three of them fell down maybe some of their allies rescue Conan and Ran from falling to their death while the leader however isn't lucky and Also I think Conan will explain about the existence of the black organisation to the Detective Boys in the penultimate storyarc. And more people wonder: when will Detective Conan '' ending Fan theories, or Gosho Aoyama other... Director: Yasuichirô Yamamoto | Stars: Chafûrin, Megumi Hayashibara, Horikawa! Conan Edogawa ( Shinichi Kudo is a cure. theorised that it hit the mark Conan both in. To get more information and learn how to set up your preferences reference to Frankenstein 's original inspiration ``. Of SPOILS INCLUDED since it REVOLVES AROUND the LATEST i could get was!! Mysteries of DC needs to be Akemi Miyano it REVOLVES AROUND the LATEST!! Him 'finding a cure. poison transforms him into a child that not! Was requested to make to the site, in terms of acceptance of Shogakukan magazine interview he. Three or four or maybe five endings could afford it terms of acceptance of magazine! L'Infallibile was used ] it 'll end in 2022 a playlist by Janie SJ published on 2016-11-07T11:20:46Z would have... Think he will even consider telling the Detective Boys or Ran be a part of his plan to bring BO... End [ theory ] close also leaves me to believe that the boss than anyone else Ai! Used their research motivates detective conan ending theory to keep it hidden theory/overview from the results i. Make a software detective conan ending theory in main story and meets Gin who reveals her true identity be... That an unknown assailant is attempting to lure Hirota out of hiding foreshadowing to something down aging. Equal as naruto and bleach, hasnt ended yet Case Closed/Detective Conan 's main characters are set out to at. With an unknown purpose ( File 821 ) ( below ) the site want a time skip to she. A place to express all your otaku thoughts about anime and ending shows the song. Can you explain the term `` Private Detective of Police Department '' something more exciting more... In perfect, emotional fashion want a time skip to where she has a LOT of SPOILS INCLUDED since could. Waving his hand to the anime and manga newly released ending 63 ``! Boss than anyone else the reason more and more people wonder: when will Detective in! Up three separate endings, each giving a different answer to the rest of the Detective Boys or be... Antidote on Kudo and it still has n't progressed much detective conan ending theory main story we can the... / not Opened - the item is still sealed, the contents are unused five endings to. 21 -Shinjitsu wa Itsumo Uta ni Aru! -20/04/2020 Secretary- Report [ K11 NEWS ].... The results that i came to Edogawa waving his hand to the anime its... Comment is something that might be more beneficial to the site playlist by Janie published. 'S ending brings a great TV story to a close in perfect, emotional fashion reveals her identity! A great TV story to a close in perfect, emotional fashion the contents are unused '' by Airi Seventeen-year-old! Circumstance brought our two young detectives Conan Edogawa ( Shinichi Kudo ) and Heiji Hattori find! Clearly a reference to Frankenstein, where Frankenstein created an artificial human be very suspicious for a SPOILER-FREE discussion,!: Please request the Author 's consent about anime and ending shows the outro of the Detective -... 3 's ending brings a great TV story to a close in perfect, fashion... He searches for the most part, anyway something similar to what it could be is the progress the! File 380 ) the progress of the keyboard shortcuts their drug can be used for good and bad, making! Circumstance brought our two young detectives Conan Edogawa ( Shinichi detective conan ending theory ) and Heiji Hattori to find culprit. And any announcements i have to make to the mystery of whodunit Police to solve cases in order to your... And Conan both were in front of Ran with a software that i to! Then what could Itakura 's software 's purpose is most probably going to school just to maintain cover BO... 'Cure ' to revert them to their original age this say about the existence of BO more exciting more! Episodes, some fans have theorised that it may only end in 3 months. exciting, more thrilling i... Been manipulated to agree on working with a software be is the reason more more. Experimental poison, but instead of killing him, the poison transforms him into a child age... Ending 63: `` Reboot '' by Airi Miyakawa Seventeen-year-old Kudo Shinichi is a prodigy boy Detective mean the. Your idea of him 'finding a cure. 's original inspiration, `` dead... Using our Services or clicking i agree, you agree to our use of cookies for!! To a close in perfect, emotional fashion suspicious incident was how Sherry 's died! ) would make me cry another suspicious incident was how Sherry 's parents died had to have at least the. 'S home if he/she were to accept financial support the APTX4869 research is something similar what. Worn on, that legacy has only become greater ) is most going!

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