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It would be good to discuss in groups to learn better as the NTU system is somehow flawed. I wanted to take this UE but decided to drop after the first class. 7/10, but you won't know which sentences you've got it right or wrong. Students who have received the outcome for the review of their course results and have demonstrable evidence of procedural irregularity or unfair assessment within the assessment process, may appeal for their course results to be reviewed by the Academic Appeal … Surprisingly, it was still allocated to me yesterday - saw the course on my Degree Audit change from "waitlist" to "registered". The lecturer is a game creator named Mr. Tan, also known as Chub Tan by NTU Fastforward Club. As a level 1000 module, it is designed to provide a basic understanding of the domestic politics of this city-state, the key determinants of Singapore’s politics, political institutions, political culture, citizen participation and nation-building, inter alia. For instance, there are 10 sentences to form in Q1. At least 1 board game will be introduced in each lesson. Electives are split into 2 categories: Unrestricted Electives (UE) and General Prescribed Electives (GERPE). He believes that the marriage of vastly differing schools of thought might lead him to a greater insight on how the world works. Upon submitting the online quiz, the system was only able to tell you the attained score for Q1 e.g. My UE overloading and AU overloading request were both rejected, so I thought I will not be added to the UE class. Note: Core, GER Core and major Prescribed Elective (PE) courses are listed together under the respective programme in the class schedule. For NBS we need to submit both forms in this case, and the school will send in approval. For me, I am not very good at a lot of Photoshop techniques so I decided to drop this. He hosts arena in Singapore sometimes and you cal join the game if you are interested, In which, I went to all events. Even if your art sucks, you still can take this and score well. I still recommend this because this elective focuses a lot on creativity. I am a fresh graduate (year 2014) from Nanyang Technological University's (NTU) School of Electrical & Electronic Engineering (EEE). A student registers three of the EM91xx courses to fulfill their GER-UE (unrestricted electives) requirements, he or she needs to overload another 6 AUs (or 2 more) of the EM courses to complete the Minor programme. Noise cancelling device by NTU EEE scientists halves noise pollution. Till date, I had taken a total of 21 AUs of electives in total (3 Gerpe & 3 UE) and got A and A+ for all of them. I am writing in my capacity as a direct year 2 poly student in 2011 who studied EEE for 3 years and graduated with honours with a rich CCA, hall-life and exchange experience. Nasir Ahdab is a 2nd year student in NTU majoring in Electrical and Electronic Engineering but with a greater love for Philosophy. Nanyang Technological University (NTU) How it works: Every undergraduate will have to take a certain amount of electives determined by their school, in addition to core modules. NTU EEE scientists develop handheld, high-resolution medical imaging device NTU EEE Students Microsoft Imagine Cup Asia Regional Finalist 2020. I'm considering overloading on UEs to continue pulling up my GPA. This course will provide a broad overview of politics in Singapore. I've hit over 2000 views collectively on the three posts I have made on the three UE/GER-PEs I've taken, namely CM8002 Forensic Science, EE8092 Digital Lifestyle, EE8061 Inno & Tech Management. | AY2015/16 S2 | UE | B+ | Recommend Rating: 4/5 This is an elective from NIE. There is huge amount of assistance provided by the tutor. I'll write a review for them soon. Will update after I find out what is the UE overloading limit.

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