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34K Views. To the right of the altar is an unlocked boss-level chest and along the rear of the room is a long stone table with two bottles of Redwater skooma on top. The other inhabitants all sleep in the Den. There are several upright coffins around the room and on either side of a throne against the western wall. So long as you do not attack or approach as a full-fledged vampire, he will direct you into the den, assuming you are after a skooma fix. Skooma den. At the top you will find a vampire and a thrall near a forge, complete with a workbench and a grindstone. Bravil Skooma Den There are two sideboards, one either side of the window. At the western end of the balcony is the window seen from the other side; a chain to the left opens both lowered gates seen at either end of the previous room. Prisoners in Cidhna Mine, a silver mine operated by prisoners in Markarth, smuggle skooma into the mine and use it as a currency. yorukami May 20, 2016. Suggets you go and visit it to get some of the "good stuff". The room through the guarded door and down more stairs features a dealer behind an expert-locked, caged counter. Venarus Vulpin will be carrying the key to the iron door at the end of this chamber, which leads to a large grotto and the source of the Bloodspring, required for the related quest. There is also a doorway through to an area with a couple of large vats and a dead draugr lying in front of a sarcophagus with a concealed door behind, but no obvious way of opening it from this side. Hanging from the ceiling above them are several oil lanterns with an oil slick underfoot. At the rear of the cavern is a door back into Redwater Den. To the north is a balcony with a wooden paneling surround. Beyond the table is a passage leading to a master-locked iron door, which opens with the key carried by Venarus Vulpin into a cavern containing the Bloodspring. The item ID for Skooma in Skyrim on Steam (PC / Mac) is: 00057A7A. All items apart from a bottle of ale are marked as owned and taking them is considered stealing. Beside the stairwell, against the east wall is a narrow table holding a copy of Fall from Glory and a potion of resist fire. At the rear of the raised section is a set of shelves holding a beehive husk, a bee, a sample of hanging moss, a swamp fungal pod, a bowl of frost salts, a bowl of moon sugar, a bunch of lavender, a skeever tail, a piece of canis root, a bowl of ectoplasm, a silverside perch, a bowl of spriggan sap, and a sample of hawk feathers. 2K Favourites. Today we explore a location added to Skyrim with the Dawnguard DLC, Redwater Den. … Gain access to Redwater Den, a skooma den, and you’ll come across this familiar face. Redwater Den is a drug den hidden beneath a dilapidated shack, supplying Redwater skooma, located west of Autumnshade Clearing. Map There are numerous dead draugr that can be looted on the floor and an empty random soul gem on the sideboard to the right. The Elder Scrolls IV: Knights of the Nine, At the bottom, on the right is a table with two open crates on top; one contains three bottles of skooma and the other empty skooma bottles. A doorway to the north gives access to a small area containing two large urns and one burial urn among the rubble from a cave-in with a pressure plate in front that triggers poison darts to shoot from either side. The UESPWiki – Your source for The Elder Scrolls since 1995,, All key-locked gates in this location can be unlocked with the, This area exists and can be cleared no matter which side you align with in for the Dawnguard main questline. At the top you will find yourself in a large, two-level chamber containing several upright coffins, guarded by two Death Hounds, two leveled vampires, and three infected bones traps. E… It has an exterior and two interior zones: Redwater Den and Redwater Spring. That's some fine piece of elf in foreground If you enter through a hole in the side wall of the shack, you will find another lookout seated in front of a fireplace. A tunnel heads south, opening up into a large multi-leveled room, with a vampire's thrall on a raised section opposite, and the same red mist rising above large boiling vats. Ahead the architecture changes and begins to resemble that of an ancient Nord barrow. Alternatively, you can reach the chest by jumping up the slightly inclined slope of the ruined wall, then jumping onto the wooden beam sticking out of the wall, then onto the platform where the chest is. Like you, the Imperial Deserter managed to survive Alduin’s fury in Helgen. Ah. Skooma Bear is a mod about a follower named Sniffs, a moon sugar addicted talking bear. To get back out this way run along the ledge on the side of the pool, and jump to the rope. In corner of the last booth, on the right is an iron shield and knapsack that are free to take. See below Elder Scrolls is a FANDOM Games Community. In addition to the inhabitants, there are several chests with skooma inside. You can buy a horse in the Riften stables if you want to travel faster. The trap door leads to a short passage and stairs down to an empty room, except for a doorman, who warns you to keep your weapons sheathed before opening the door and letting you in. There are two sideboards by the now open gate at this end. I'm trying to complete the Jarl's quest in Riften to achieve the title of Thane. The unassuming exterior of the Redwater Den The Redwater Den is located between the Sarethi Farm and the Autumnshade Clearing, south-east of Shor's Stone. At the far end of the passage is an unlocked chest with a tension cable attached, that triggers poison darts from behind unless disarmed before opening. Paths lead towards the rear of the room, either side of the raised section, and up ramps to the rear. Beyond this the chamber opens out, with an iron ore vein and a gold ore vein in the southeast corner and along the south wall. Every Sundas, the Count's son, Gellius Terentius, visits the Skooma Den to drink skooma. 4 Skooma Dealer Den East of Dragonsreach, among the alcoves and rocky shelves of the area, the keener players will pick out one full of goods. At their (humble, well hidden) Skooma den you are able to buy and consume the "Deluxe Skooma" (oe whatever you want to call it).

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