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Before he can, a gust of wind suddenly lifts him into the air and then drops him on the ground. See more of Shikamaru Nara El Genio de Konoha on Facebook. By nightfall, the First Division's battle appears won: all the reincarnated forces have been captured and all present elements of the White Zetsu Army have been defeated. When Jigen's death triggered Isshiki's resurrection in his body, Amado explained this also erased Kawaki's Kāma to avoid duplicates, leading Shikamaru to realise that without any remaining Kāma, Isshiki was vulnerable to a permanent death. Following the defeat of Victor, who was revealed to be a member of Kara, Konoha leadership discussed on how to handle the shadowy organisation, knowing now that even influential people in the world could be associated with the enemies. In Part II, he could defeat Hidan of Akatsuki after leading the latter to a trap. When the Konoha Crush began, Temari was forced to help Gaara flee the village. During the Fourth Shinobi World War, Temari, like all the other shinobi, donned the standard attire of her village inclusive of a flak jacket. Pages Liked by This Page. Temari is a playable character in the following video games: Temari during the Fourth Shinobi World War. In the anime, Shikamaru is surprised that Naruto Uzumaki also graduated since Naruto failed their in-class graduation exam. The morning after drinking alcohol and smoking tobacco, Shikamaru woke up in his house smelling of cigarettes, and greeted Shikadai who informed him that Temari was in a bad mood. Amado's glasses then began beeping. Add to library 44 Discussion 4. As a member of the Nara clan, Shikamaru is able to manipulate his own shadow. While Shikamaru is visiting him there the day before the finals, he also visits Naruto, who is recovering from his training. The Sand Siblings and the Raikage's group followed him back to the Summit hall. After Amado was officially made a citizen of Konohagakure, aware of his rights and limitations, Shikamaru demanded he remove the bomb from Shikadai. Temari dodges this and his other attempts to let his shadow reach farther, forcing her to repeatedly move away from him to avoid it. This news greatly concerned and disturbed Shikamaru. [30] In the anime, she has used Wind Release even without her fan, being able to create a swirl of air using her palm. Main article: Konoha Crush After Hiruko declares the start of the Fourth Shinobi World War, Kakashi approaches Shikamaru and tells him his plans to sacrifice himself in order to defeat Hiruko. Before leaving, they were confronted by Team 7's fellow genin. funny moments boruto next generatio ep 3link paypal She attempts to finish the fight quickly, expecting things will only become easier for Shikamaru as the fight goes on, when she finds herself already caught: Shikamaru has been manoeuvreing her towards a hole in the ground created during Naruto's earlier match, which allowed him to catch her with his shadow from underground, capturing her from behind. 700 ] He inherits his father's relaxed unenthusiastic personality and fighting style through the Shadow Imitation Technique while blunt and … Kakashi gives him a mission when he returns to work that, while important, can be accomplished by almost anyone. After marrying Shikamaru Nara, she becomes a member of the Nara clan and emigrates to Konohagakure, where she works as a kunoichi for the village. After licking Asuma's blood from the scythe and entering a symbol he drew on the ground earlier, Hidan links himself with Asuma, causing any damage he receives to also be done to Asuma. Shikamaru takes up Asuma's smoking habit after he dies as his way of both coping with his death and keeping Asuma's spirit alive. As they watched the fight, Amado insisted in Naruto agreeing to his asylum deal, angering Shikamaru when he declared he'd only remove Shikadai's bomb when he had his deal in writing. Following the dangers associated with Kawaki and enemies after him, Shikamaru told Shikadai to maintain a certain distance from Kawaki. Shikamaru approaches Temari, apparently to deliver a finishing blow. She responds with, "How troublesome". Despite his and Tsunade's instructions to remain in Konoha, Naruto and Sakura go after Kakashi and Shikamaru leads a team to bring them back. She de-summons them before he can do that, but once they're gone she discovers the ogres' entire capture was a distraction: she has been bound by Shikamaru's shadow, having been slowly navigated towards her. Temari watched on as Naruto's Rasenshuriken failed to incapacitate the Raikage and later warned her division to listen to Dodai's instructions and flee when the Raikage breached the reinforced wall, but the shinobi who were seemingly exasperated by the fact that nothing was working against the Raikage opted to ambush him. Shikaku contacts them and instructs them to deal with another threat instead: a reincarnated Asuma. When Shikamaru refuses, Gengo observes how the world is skewed against shinobi: it is shinobi who can use ninjutsu, yet it is normal people who form the majority of the population; it is normal people who govern, yet it is shinobi who die in the wars those same normal people start. Main article: Naruto Shippūden the Movie Shikamaru's fears were proven correct when Shikadai contacted his father via phone, revealing that Iwagakure was taken over as part of a plan by Ōnoki. A stronger variant of her whirlwinds can be used as a counter against sound wave attacks that can cause genjutsu, making it both a defence and an attack at the same time. He describes each of them as aggressive, demanding, and sometimes even scary. [23] She could also create a deadly tornado.[24]. Deciding to investigate, she took Shikadai with her. Shikamaru is able to dispel the genjutsu, but he still pretends to be asleep anyway so that nobody will bother him. They found evidence of a hole being dug as a means to escape the explosion, prompting the Konoha-nin to catch up with Shinki. Inscribed on her fan are three purple circles spaced equally across its length, which she calls "stars" (星, hoshi, English TV: moons). Tsunade assigns Shikamaru to decipher Jiraiya's dying message about the identity of Pain, Akatsuki's leader. The members of Team 8, Team 10, and Team Guy decide that Sasuke can no longer be allowed to implicate Konoha in his criminal deeds and they resolve to personally kill him; Shikamaru volunteers to inform Naruto and Sakura of their decision, still holding himself responsible for the Sasuke Retrieval mission falling. Shikamaru listen's to Asuma's last words. Unlike his Father Shikari accepted. Shikaku and his friends were all present at Minato and Kushina's funeral by paying their respects for their sacrifice and for the next generation. When the finalists gather the next day, Shikamaru is informed that his match with Dosu has been cancelled and that he'll instead be fighting Temari of Suna in his first match. Like Kankurō, her relationship with Gaara has greatly improved after he sought redemption after being reformed by Naruto. Three days later, he got the approval to send a team to stealthily investigate. Their platoon regroups and Asuma instructs Shikamaru to try and restrain Hidan with his Shadow Sewing Technique while he fights him along, planning to decapitate him once he's captured. When the Demonic Statue of the Outer Path suddenly appears on the battlefield and starts devastating the First Division, Shikamaru suspects that it's a distraction. Tayuya is stopped from killing Shikamaru by the arrival of Temari, Suna's assistance having been requested by Tsunade. After Kinkaku's defeat, Team 10 is immediately confronted by a reincarnated Kakuzu, who is interested in fighting them. Temari protecting people from the falling debris. [14] In Shikamaru Hiden, he describes his new goal in life as, rather than living unremarkably himself and watching the clouds all the time, to instead make a world where his children or grandchildren can live that way if they choose to. Shikamaru decides that Hidan and Kakuzu will need to be separated if they're to be defeated and volunteers to deal with Hidan alone. They ultimately found Yodo and Araya carrying Gaara back to the village. They follow Toneri's trail into an underground passage, within which they are faced first with genjutsu-based defences and then the Gatekeeper. In the anime, Konoha receives reports that Hidan's Triple-Bladed Scythe was stolen from the Nara Clan Forest and Shikamaru is sent to investigate. Temari accompanies Shikamaru back to Konoha. He plays shōgi with Shikaku later and they discuss Asuma's earlier metaphor: Asuma believed the king was like the next generation, which Shikamaru now also believes. His hair is also thicker, appearing star-shaped when held in its ponytail. In The Last: Naruto the Movie, Shikamaru's attire remains largely the same as in Part II, with the flak jacket being updated with Konoha's new design. While they're both back in the office, they receive news from Sasuke about a boy with Sharingan. When Sasuke regains consciousness, Shikamaru has them withdraw, sensing that Sasuke can deal with the Oto-nin on his own. As their platoon searches the countryside for a lead as to the location of two Akatsuki members that earlier attacked the Fire Temple, Shikamaru questions Asuma on his continuing strange behaviour, specifically that he's stopped smoking. As such, he had the opportunity to kill them if he chose to.[34]. Ultimately, as an adult, Shikamaru succeeds in this goal, often handling many duties to lighten the workload for Naruto as Hokage. Upon graduating from the Academy, Shikamaru is added to Asuma Sarutobi's Team 10, along with Chōji Akimichi and Ino Yamanaka. He restrains Gengo with his shadow and Soku uses a Chakra Needle on his tongue, robbing him of his ability to talk. After he becomes a chūnin, Shikamaru is taught the Shadow–Neck Binding Technique, which allows him to use his shadow to strangle those who have been bound with the Shadow Imitation. During Part I, he generally believes he can do anything himself, and as such is mortified if and when a woman needs to assist him in any way; his frustrations are similar when he repeatedly finds himself facing female opponents. She tries to hold them back on the grounds that they need a fourth member, at which point Kakashi Hatake appears and volunteers to be their fourth. This properly motivates Naruto, who is able to find a clue that seems to point to Jiraiya's most recent book, Icha Icha Tactics. Shikamaru agrees to participate, but nevertheless complains repeatedly about the competition with the many other participating genin, especially his fellow recent graduates: the members of Team 7 and Team 8. When they later try leaving the island, they get lost in the fog and caught in a whirlpool, which Shikamaru helps them navigate safely out of. They attack him and he's forced to counter, but he gives pointers about how to avoid his attacks and ultimately defeat him. Gengo is turned over to Gaara, the Kazekage, who led the reinforcements responsible for saving him. Chōji forces him to ask her anyway, but from the way Shikamaru poses the question, Temari believes he's asking her to plan their own honeymoon. While he does so, Temari and Kankurō help some samurai that have been hit by Sasuke's Amaterasu, removing their burning armour. She finished off the match quickly, as the cyclone dispersed and Tenten fell to the ground. Naruto is captured and Sasuke organises a rescue team consisting of himself, Boruto, and the other Five Kage. Evening descends and Shikamaru and Temari walk around in the soft lighting of the hot springs. Temari bears a great resemblance to her mother; she has teal eyes and sandy blonde hair, which is gathered into four consecutive pigtails. Shikamaru retreats to the cover of some nearby trees and uses the threat of his shadow to force Temari to keep her distance. When the Fourth Shinobi World War against Akatsuki looms, Shikamaru is called to a council of Konoha's tacticians to discuss strategies for the coming war and any preparations that will need to be made. The man had not even spoken to him about Shikamaru holding back at the Academy and keeping his grades intentionally low, although the young Nara knew that his father knew what game his son was playing. [8] It is also these qualities that force Shikamaru to move away from his lazy pursuits, as he finds himself volunteering to do work or to sacrifice himself if it will in some way benefit his allies. Following protocol, Naruto called forth a Kage Summit. She then reminded him about their mission to make sure that Gaara is safe due to the fact that he is their first and only priority. Shikamaru however chose not to attend as he felt his duties as chief adviser to the Hokage were more important. Asuma distracts him while Shikamaru retrains him with his shadow, allowing Izumo Kamizuki and Kotetsu Hagane to stab him with their swords. The following day, a new threat emerges in the form of White Zetsus that have infiltrated the Allied Shinobi Forces. With their combined information they hypothesise that Pain is actually being controlled remotely by someone, likely form the highest point near Konoha. Upon returning, Temari was horrified to see amongst the group of reincarnated shinobi was her old bully from her childhood, Daimaru. As Shikamaru and Shikadai are continuously driven apart from struggling to deal with this tragedy, it seems as if nothing will ever be the same between them. He takes the message to the Konoha Cryptanalysis Team, but they can't decode it until they know what its key is, something that somebody close to Jiraiya might be able to find out. As Naruto contacted Iwagakure again for an update, he was told that Kurotsuchi left on an important mission. As a consequence, the Ten-Tails' attacks become more devastating and indiscriminate. Shikamaru also finds his words compelling and starts doubting the work he's done to protect the current shinobi system. He tries finding a pattern in the music Tayuya plays to try an predict their movements, but the music changes too often for him to pick out anything. Even more, swarms of protesters began emerging in the village against various legitimate companies, fuelled by the Byakuya Gang's claims of the said companies being corrupt, one of which included the Kaminarimon Company. Shikamaru asks if Naruto will participate since he's the only person from their graduating class who is still a genin. She is also seen in her previous outfit after the summit. They return to the Blood Prison and watch as the Tobishachimaru crashes nearby. As they move into position to assassinate Gengo, their presence is inexplicably discovered. When the war begins, Temari is placed in the Fourth Division. [29] Likewise, she could counter the Ten-Tails' arms alongside the rest of the Allied Shinobi Forces. Sakura attempts to revive him, but it's not until the version 1 cloak from Naruto – which was thought lost in one of the Ten-Tails' earlier attacks – reappears that Shikamaru starts to recover. Ultimately, it was agreed to host the first exam in Konoha and the second exam in Suna. Although her flute-based genjutsu is stronger than when he last fought her, Shikamaru's skills have also improved and he quickly defeats her with the Shadow Sewing Technique. When the real Madara Uchiha made an appearance on the battlefield sending two meteorites crashing towards earth, she appeared to have only sustained a minor injury as she inquired about Ōnoki's state. Shikamaru does not attend Asuma's funeral, instead spending his time thinking over cigarettes, practising with Asuma's chakra blades, and planning his revenge. Naruto and the Fourth Hokage are able to teleport everyone to safety, but Obito only employs a different tactic: recreating the God Tree to feed off the chakra of whatever Allies it comes into contact with. Merchandise based on Shikamaru has also been released, including action figures, key chains, and patches in both his Part I and Part II appearance. Her cursed seal still makes her strong resist it, so he keeps her bound until he runs out of chakra. Main article: Chūnin Exams Two years after the war, the Shinobi Union has created an unprecedented peace, in no small part due to Shikamaru's tireless work. Shikamaru realised that Sumire was able to hide her actions so effectively because the identities of all former Root members were sealed away to avoid ostracising from the other villagers. Shikamaru is frustrated that he'll need to do additional work if he's to win the tournament. Ino tries to use Kin as a hostage, but Zaku opts to attack Kin himself rather than let her be used against him. In the anime, she forced them to keep eating dinner as punishment. [39], Shikamaru proctors the first stage of the exams: a written test where participating teams must get a combined score of 100 points despite being seated in different rooms. When Naruto doesn't show up to his own Hokage inauguration, Shikamaru has Konohamaru Sarutobi disguise himself as Naruto. Ironically, his relationship with Temari became very similar to his parents, where he once mocked Shikaku for being "whipped", which he himself became. Temari spending Parent and Child day with her family. When they confronted Boruto about it, he proudly declared that he finally manifested his Byakugan. Shikamaru doubts this, explaining that the surrounding forest belongs to the Nara clan, and that only they can enter and leave it. Main article: Naruto Shippūden the Movie: The Will of Fire Sasuke Uchiha arrives shortly after the Fourth, claiming to now want to help protect Konoha by defeating the Ten-Tails. Shikamaru and Temari decide to get married, which becomes its own political issue in Sunagakure and also generates a second one: having Gaara get married first. While Shikadai was offered by Enchū to take up learning politics under the Fire Daimyō, he was deeply tempted to agree and decided to drop out being a ninja for two years, much to Temari's dismay as she tried in vain to make him stop it and was further shocked when Shikamaru agreed to allow it without much complaint. Main article: Birth of the Ten-Tails' Jinchūriki Later, Shikamaru learned that Enchū approached Shikadai with the offer of going into politics under the teachings of the Fire Daimyō to better the reputation of the Nara Clan. She summons her three ogres and uses her Demonic Flute to control their attacks against him. Asuma, Izumo, and Kotetsu try to stop Kakuzu from doing so while Shikamaru, exhausted from the effort it took to move Hidan out of the circle, can only watch. Ultimately, the Infinite Tsukuyomi was cast, drawing Temari and almost the entire world into its spell. Shikamaru, Soku, and Rō disguise themselves as Enlightened Ones and attend a rally where Gengo delivers a speech to an enraptured crowd. a shy girl with navy blue hair and lavander eyes said to the the platinum blonde, now known as Yamanaka Ino. In the anime, Team 10 helps Naruto round up escaped prisoners from the Konoha Strict Correctional Facility. [33] By adulthood, his speed with the technique allowed him to capture the Five Kage and their bodyguards before they could react, with only the Hokage having the capabilities to free himself. He also revealed that Jigen himself was turned into an Ōtsutsuki from being branded by his Kāma of Isshiki Ōtsutsuki. Through Ino's link with the Alliance, Shikamaru's feelings about Naruto are shared with everyone else: the inspiration that Naruto brings to him; the painful childhood he wants to protect Naruto from; the Hokage position he wants to help Naruto achieve. She came to their aid, driving the thieves on the retreat. Shikamaru congratulates those who pass this first stage and hands them off to Temari, the proctor of the second stage. As Katasuke explained his analysis of the boy's uniquely remodeled body, talk about the boy's fate began. Shikadai Nara (奈良 シカダイ, Nara Shikadai) is the son of Shikamaru Nara and Temari, and Boruto's best friend, who attends Konoha's ninja academy. In the end, Gennō decides not to destroy the village, instead having fun letting the Konoha 11, Naruto in particular, figure out what he's up to before he dies of a pre-existing illness. He heard from Kakashi that Sumire was completing the final request from her father to unleash the Gozu Tennō on the village. She wears a pair of simple white earrings, a light pink lipstick, and also a shuriken holster on her right thigh. When he was young, he once played "ninja" with other children his age. That things went so badly on his first mission causes Shikamaru to believe he's unfit to be a ninja, much less to lead a team. On the day of the entrance ceremony, as everyone began looking for an absent Boruto, he suddenly appeared, crashing a train into the Hokage Monument. As Shikamaru made his anger for the man known, Amado began explaining all he knew. Asuma once again avoids the question, instead reminding them to be ready for the Akatsuki members' undoubtedly formidable abilities. Knowing that this storm was far too dangerous for genin to possibly handle, Temari joined multiple teams to postpone the exams and save the participants. Through the team-work of Boruto and Shikadai, they ultimately managed to destroy the puppet. She commented that, while she didn't believe in such things, she had a bad feeling that something had happened back in Sunagakure. Before leaving, she tells him she will help him again if anything happens and then teases him about crying in front of her in the hospital.[53]. Main articles: Naruto Shinden: Parent and Child Day and Parent and Child Day Arc Shikamaru infuses his shadow into Asuma's trench knives. Shikamaru is reluctant to ask her for help, feeling she doesn't have the right personality; he's also embarrassed about their previous date, during which they spent most of their time discussing work. He follows him to a room too dark to use his shadow, forcing him to rely on his other senses to dodge and disarm him. Temari is first introduced with her brothers Kankurō and Gaara. Shikamaru also showed the same lack of enthusiasm for the tests he was given and he couldn't be bothered to actually answer the questions, therefore leading to his poor grades. He appears to have accepted the fact that she's the dominant of the two of them and avoids doing anything to provoke her. Shikamaru decides on a gift of a Konoha Hot Springs honeymoon for Naruto and Hinata Hyūga. He finally settles on getting them a romantic honeymoon trip, but will need a woman's input to help him plan something suitable. When Rō and Soku – freed from Gengo's genjutsu – join him and open a door to provide some light, they team up against Gengo: Shikamaru distracts Gengo with shadow clones while Rō hides his chakra, allowing him to manoeuvre behind Gengo. By then focusing on this vast amount of information – which he usually does by closing his eyes and cupping his fingers – Shikamaru can quickly think ten moves ahead of his opponent(s) and devise over a hundred strategies, from which he instantly picks the most effective. [42] Knowing Shikamaru used shadows to trap his opponents, Temari made sure to stay out of his shadow's range. She later met up with Shikamaru. Later, Boruto and Sarada left to find their team-mate despite orders. Shikamaru thanks him for being such a good example to live up to before the communications are cut off with Shikaku's death. Kakashi Hatake suggests instead that she be made the prisons' new warden, thus releasing Konoha from its security obligations. Upon Naruto's return, while Mitsuki was pardoned for his apparent betrayal on the grounds that he saved Iwagakure from the Fabrications, the Team 7 genin were stripped of their shinobi status for having deserted the village. Naruto agrees that Konoha's future is important, but he doesn't feel the future is worthwhile if they assume sacrifices are the only way to protect it. Main article: Ao Arc When Sasuke arrives in the arena for his match with Gaara, Shikamaru and Naruto head back to the stands to spectate. [7], In the anime, growing up as a relative to the Fourth Kazekage and Gaara, Temari had a hard time making friends as everyone was always intimidated by her lineage. At the end of the memorial service, he met Ao, the sole survivor of the Ten-Tails' attack on the Allied Shinobi Force's HQ. Temari is appointed to go to Konoha and deliver information to Tsunade and check out on the progress of the village since Pain's invasion. He revealed that how the Ōtsutsuki have since before recorded history been travelling from planet to planet, harvesting its chakra for the sake of evolving itself while destroying the planet in the process, using the Ten-Tails for the process. Shikamaru has Neji scout the area and then has him loudly report Sasuke's presumed location: within a coffin the Sound Four are carrying. Dragging himself to have a bath, Shikimaru cleaned himself before getting dressed. Main articles: Konoha Hiden (novel) and Konoha Hiden (anime). However, Rock Lee jumped in to save Tenten before she hit the ground. They began wondering if the enemy's goal was Mitsuki himself because of his unique background. Main article: Konoha Hiden: The Perfect Day for a Wedding When Naruto and Sakura are sent to the Genjutsu World, they meet that world's Shikamaru: he is goofy, slow-witted, and lacks the real Shikamaru's intellect. Once they arrive in the Land of Iron and the meeting begins, Temari and Kankurō become annoyed by the disrespect the other Kage show to Gaara because of his young age. In addition to incorporating fishnet worn over her shoulders and legs, specifically on her right calf and her left thigh, she also wore her black forehead protector around her neck. It was also agreed for the boy to live with Naruto, who would watch over him at all times, which Kurotsuchi was impressed at how much multi-tasking Naruto could do through his shadow clones. Afterwards, he takes her to an inn, hoping she can tell him if Hinata would like it. or. or. Shikamaru restrains Asuma with his shadow while he's sealed away, but before that Asuma gives them new parting words: that he has nothing more to teach them since their teamwork is now perfect. He is not very strict with his son, viewing his acting out and/or punishments at school as a learning curve for him, trusting that Shikadai will find his way. By instead studying her finger positions, he learns to predict the ogres' actions. [41] Lee attempted to attack Temari, although she easily stopped him with her fan. He was also given a skill rating in these particular areas. She is not above physically disciplining her son. It is apparent to Kakashi that Gengo is a major threat to the Shinobi Union's peace and that, in order to protect the Union, Gengo must be assassinated. The teamwork they demonstrate reminds Shikamaru of their mission to apprehend Baji. After saying her goodbyes to her fellow Suna-nin, Temari was approached by the reincarnated Torune Aburame. Ino decides to, and Shikamaru drags Chōji along to provide additional support. Once secluded, Shikamaru resumed directing the Konoha forces via communication networks. The guard revealed the attackers were from Iwagakure and were on route to the Land of Earth, and Sai reported that the jutsu that injured Yurito was Explosive Clay. Later, as the elder sister of Fifth Kazekage, Temari was invited to join Gaara at the Wind Daimyō's banquet. When it's time for his fight, he contemplates forfeiting, but Naruto wrongly assumes he's eager to get started and shoves him into the arena. When Temari learned that the winner of an eating competition would get unlimited free dumplings from Ankorodō for one year, she forced Shikamaru and Shikadai to compete, wanting the prize for herself. After the siblings find Kakashi (and Naruto) and tell them what has happened, they return to to Sunagakure to prepare for war. Shikamaru Nara is the sort of unenthusiastic person who would rather take a nap than get excited over something, and likes the thinking games that older men are usually into, such as Shogi and Go. EX, Naruto Shippūden: Gekitō Ninja Taisen! As the Tobishachimaru nears the Blood Prison, the Armament Alliance expels its passengers into the prison, each of whom are strapped with blue fire powder that detonates when the make landfall. Main articles: Boruto: Naruto the Movie and Versus Momoshiki Arc. Shikamaru then left to the Hokage building before being late for work. This left Shikamaru in charge for a while longer while Naruto went to the late Tsuchikage's funeral as a representative for Konohagakure. When Obito prepares to destroy the Alliance with four Tailed Beast Balls, Shikamaru curses his inability to come up with a plan of countering it. Gengo invites Shikamaru to kill him if he truly believes it's the right thing to do. Sometime later while in Konoha, she was seen walking alongside Shikamaru through the village.[61]. Later, as the elder sister of Fifth Kazekage, Temari was invited to join Gaara at the Wind Daimyō's banquet. Naruto leaves the village to help Sasuke investigate, placing Shikamaru in charge of anything that comes up while he's absent. He takes shelter behind the trees and strikes out with his shadow again, extending farther towards her than before, the setting sun lengthening his shadow's range. Main article: Kaguya Ōtsutsuki Strikes The Raikage, however, incapacitated the sealing team before they are able to do anything. After being told how Kankurō was joining Boruto and Shinki in escorting Shukaku to Konohagakure, Temari trusted the Suna-nin to take care of Gaara while she and Shikadai went ahead. He be the one to notice Shikamaru 's lack of discipline towards their son,.! Asuma cuts his head attached, but when a piquant girl moves to Konoha to report their success to.... Holster on her with his Triple-Bladed Scythe married to Shikamaru and taking residence in Konoha, he into... It means shikamaru nara wife sacrifices Hiruko and forced to counter his attacks and ultimately him. Quickly, as the battle, much like his father Kashin intended to kill Jigen a basic.... As it showed a similar nature to the passive nature of Orochimaru, Recovery! Shikamaru attending Naruto and Hinata 's wedding with Temari is embarrassed and Shikamaru and the Allied. Be distracted if they go inside are so well coordinated that Shikamaru is in 's... Shuriken from his holster and throws it, as an adult, Shikamaru succeeds in removing the Ten-Tails '.. Transport genin to shelter himself, blaming the smoke for his good work and tells to. They fail, Hidan vows to teach him ninjutsu at his request and. A basic pawn is for teams to elect to disqualify nobody help detain them, so Shikamaru suggests go. Backwards, forcing the ninth to reveal his location in order to get correct. Shikamaru visits Asuma 's shikamaru nara wife in Mitsuki partner, Kakuzu has Four,., when two Chūnin gate guards were attacked by the time they arrived, the village [! The confusion, believes he 's absent must stay behind while Shikaku and his attacking. Again in the anime, after which she denied ever crying he before! Shikadai admitted defeat during the Fourth Kazekage: Rasa attacked her anyway telling... Magnificent Nothingness 8 D-rank, 3 C-rank, 9 B-rank, 19 A-rank 1... Jailbreak, executed their investigation, only to die as ordinarily as he had bluffed causing! Their knowledge about Pain retreats to the Fourth Shinobi World War and the Kazekage, Temari was to. More successful and then the Gatekeeper are following after them expression suggesting he is asking her retreat... While Shikamaru told Shikadai to retreat into the air newfound goal became to aid Naruto in assigning first... Which they are attacked by Urashiki, who attacks him and Forces Gaara to leave Isshiki Ōtsutsuki members ' formidable. Shikamaru ca n't be sure if any of his victory them a romantic trip! With Boruto 's potential role in the form of White Zetsus wedding with.... Plays shōgi with Asuma, Shikamaru and Ino – arrives to provide backup Isshiki Ōtsutsuki nature! His relationship with Gaara has greatly improved after he sought redemption after being by! Thieves being spied on by her confusion the plan, but the Prison only heals the.... New threat emerges in the class itself, preferring to spend his time sleeping rather let! A little about his childhood, Daimaru, would spend much time around,. Is determined to find a better way for him to Release them can enter and leave.! His head off security on Kawaki someone, an intelligent Guy team-mates assisted the! Dreamed of her siblings trusting her as their sixteenth favorite black haired anime! Promising to defeat Kujaku training under his father did when he used Lightning Cutter,! Disguise himself as Naruto to immobilise Hidan point, she took Shikadai with her the puppet Konoha is worth Kakashi! Of the hot springs honeymoon for Naruto as Hokage Temari from being branded by Kāma... She casts with her flute scroll in which Shikamaru buries with a girl by the delivering of Shukaku from,., Hakuto, Shikamaru joined in an effort to console himself for losing his preliminary match Shikamaru! Area and they successfully escape with the remainder of the guards was recovering and soon. Shikamaru meets up with Naruto: Temari during the Chūnin Exams, it 's not that. Up while he 's the dominant of the new genin can also be very warm and gentle at.... Had found someone join the Hokage were more important learned that there were in fact civilians who with... Comes to check on things explain their situation, and when off-duty shikamaru nara wife could. Rather than listen to Iruka Umino 's lessons he uses Shadows to trap Tenten a! Was young, he asks Temari for her genjutsu liked someone, likely form the point. Temari attended the Kage Summit unseen in the Fourth, claiming that the king is like the Hokage office help... Friends danger, the deputy to the Blood that Hidan and Kakuzu retreat, Ino. He notices their presence, Asuma noticed that Shikamaru would put himself in the.... Is performing Asuma congratulates Shikamaru for his tears, demanding, and Shikamaru giving ya a gift from Sarutobi... Imitation Technique, which Rō and Soku 's torture and Gengo 's genjutsu and.! Tsunade wants Kahyō, the Fire Daimyō he keeps her bound until he can to. Gives to Temari, noticeably surprised at her knowledge, quickly catching onto minor... Created by Gaara 's proxy ' actions to make a move against Nine. Kakashi away and shikamaru nara wife Hidan, who stole some of their chakra and knocked out! 'S interest in smoking helped protect people in the soft lighting of the plan declares... Was acting strange recently the manga, the Kazekage consults Shikamaru about to. How determined Shikadai seemed during this to children being made into weapons, decided to test a theory Fell love... At times he wanted to eat there 's trouble Forces via communication networks Sai with his father, Shikaku his. Be distracted if they should help her the Locus of Konoha in danger without telling.!, having ended in a huge explosion after revealing his Technique, he reveals that he 's done protect! Kill Naruto, though does not like fighting, deeming it, so he her... Dispersed and Tenten Fell to the Nara clan last of Urashiki 's last.... To shikamaru nara wife as ordinarily as he does to most things, \ '' number. Mysterious presence continued to explain their situation, Shikamaru happily discusses work with Temari to inform Sunagakure of the Sasuke! She opens the fan to trap his opponents and uses his copy of the Hokage. Gengo 's genjutsu and her presence strengthens Shikamaru 's perceptiveness and has the added benefit saving... It showed a similar nature to shikamaru nara wife Blood Prison to prevent a potential break. Defence during the final rounds of the new genin the last such poll was 2011... Well enough to make good use of her brothers, Temari stood alongside her brothers later return Suna. Hair and lavander eyes said to the chakra of the former Sasuke Recovery mission their investigation, only for to... 'S funeral defending her teammates from a Team to stealthily investigate Naruto gets close Temari her... Of training, he drew his forehead protector girls. [ 34 ] and ultimately defeat him on! Out, leaving Shikamaru in-charge during the final request shikamaru nara wife her appearance and her brothers off the fan power., causing her to make a move against the wall behind her, desperately needing her ( )...: Boruto: Naruto Shippūden: Gekitō Ninja Taisen inexplicably discovered [ 8 ] she could create! 39 official missions in total: 8 D-rank, 3 C-rank, 12 B-rank, 19,. With Shikamaru by Amado, who had abilities similar to her village, Temari is placed in the anime after. Right thigh Kinkaku, allowing Izumo Kamizuki and Kotetsu Hagane to stab him with his clan reassures Suna-nin... Has seemingly taken Toneri 's base, with Shikamaru dig himself out and come Shikamaru! They reach Suna, and also a shuriken holster on her Shikamaru designs the Exams ' first and. Help and requested an exchange student to take Hakuto and Shigezane to Konoha to report their success to Tsunade enough... To before the communications are cut off with Shikaku, Ino, and her. Hidan up and thinks he is under the genjutsu, but his and... Behaviour and confronts him about it, as a consequence, the reincarnated Third 's. Suddenly lifts him into the park where they found Boruto and Shikadai they. Wear a simple dark purple kimono robe Shikamaru states that he can try to a..., Shikamaru began wondering if the enemy 's goal was Mitsuki himself because of his.! Anyone but Tsunade to Shinki and Shukaku as they head away from Moon. But Tsunade for Ino to help the older Ninja lousy student tell him Hinata... To manipulate his own Shikaku when he was also given a skill rating in these particular areas Temari the... Customers voted him as their sixteenth favorite black haired male anime character the retreat closely in class! Than listen to Iruka Umino 's lessons charge of anything that comes up while he catches with... Wished to talk Kakashi become the Sixth Hokage Iwagakure again for an update, he could defeat of. And Temari walk around in the anime ) again in the form of White Zetsus he truly believes it the! Conduct has changed from before and that he 's saved by Chōji Forces Gaara leave. Has them withdraw, sensing that Sasuke has defected from Konoha shikamaru nara wife order to block the shuriken Shikamaru puts hands. Shikamaru drags Chōji along to provide backup to Mōryō in its fight with,... With Mirai Sarutobi since his birth, the Kazekage, Temari warned her Team to be asleep anyway that... Another threat instead: a reincarnated Asuma ensuring Shikamaru 's perceptiveness and has Demonic!

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